55 million euros: Brandenburg gets EU funding against radio holes

The European Union (EU) is funding the expansion of the mobile network in Brandenburg over the next three years with 55 million euros. This was announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Potsdam at the request of the left-wing fraction leader in parliament, Sebastian Walter. Thus, 80 percent of the planned 69 million euros investment costs for the construction of new radio stations of the network operators Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica are supported.

Job market

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According to the ministry, the European Commission is currently examining the Brandenburg mobile communications program announced this spring. Walter demanded that the network expansion not be left to the private operators alone.

In Brandenburg, the residents have reported since the beginning of May 2017 on the page 23,024 dead spots. This was reported by the CDU faction Brandenburg, which had started the measurement.

Hardly any interest in Brandenburg for free offer of the Telekom

Telecom spokesman Georg von Wagner was surprised on November 8, 2019 that Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have each submitted only five applications for the action to expand the mobile network action "We hunt dead spots". This is to close 50 radio holes for the communities free of charge.

The Telekom closed in June 2018 one of the best known dead spots in Brandenburg in the municipality Kleßen-Görne. The smallest municipality in Brandenburg has only about 360 inhabitants. For ten years, the village was waiting for the connection, already reported about it. Kleßen-Görne lies in a depression over which mobile radio signals largely radiate.

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