5G: 1 & 1 wants to challenge with "very powerful network"

The new mobile operator 1 & 1 Drillisch wants "challenging competitors with a very powerful network", That said Mario Rehse of 1 & 1 Drillisch at the Gigabit Symposium in Berlin. This is where the newcomer sets "on cooperations",

Job market

  1. Punch Powertrain Germany GmbH, Munich
  2. Protestant Church in Württemberg, Stuttgart

But the question of cooperation posed itself for all network operators, not only for 1 & 1 Drillisch, emphasized Rehse on the question how the new technology standard 5G could be brought into the area.

At area frequencies one is very interested, so far only capacity frequencies have been awarded. "We need to find a mode that will be awarded so that all network operators can participate and make their contribution"said Rehse.

Valentina Daiber, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Affairs at
Telefónica, stressed that the newly allocated frequencies are not suitable to go in the area. "The locations are only about 500 meters." There must be elementary changes in the frequency policy in Germany. Needed "Frequency extensions instead of auctions, cooperation and subsidies for a part where it can not be expanded"said Daiber.

The citycarrier in Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and the Ruhr area "already have a nice fiber network, you have to go to"said boss Theo Weirich on 5G expansion. But at regional and local 5G frequencies these network operators would still be sitting "always at the cat table and may not have a say in the big ones", Buglas CEO Wolfgang Heer reported that there is still no decision by the Federal Network Agency, because there have not yet agreed with the Federal Ministry of Finance on the price of the frequencies.