5G: Ministry of Transport develops overall strategy for mobile communications


Federal Infrastructure Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wants to promote the expansion of mobile communications in poorly served rural areas with further measures. Part of a new overall strategy should be regulations for faster approval and expansion processes, as the ministry announced. As sites for transmitters public plots are to be provided.

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Cooperations of suppliers with regard to expansion and acceptance by local residents should also be strengthened. The package is currently being developed and should go into the vote in the federal government in the coming weeks.

The focus was on eliminating remaining white spots, the ministry said. The strategy should go beyond the previous requirements and commitments of the providers. Specifically, it is planned, among other things, to improve the mobile network in trains. For this purpose, 50 million euros have been earmarked for funding since autumn. In border regions, network operators should be able to activate additional stations of the LTE standard or maximize existing ones in terms of performance.

Some 17,000 federal government properties, 5,000 land owned by security agencies and 120,000 parcels of water and shipping administration were identified as areas for broadcasting sites – some already in June 2019. There network operators are to be offered shorter approval procedures than elsewhere and favorable rental conditions, it was said.

Despite all investments, there are still areas with poor mobile and Internet coverage, especially in rural areas. The recent awarding of the frequencies for the new 5G standard had further requirements enshrined to make some white spots disappear. This includes that by the end of 2022, at least 98 percent of households in Germany will need to be provided with at least 100 MBit per second in the download.