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Digital marketing in e-commerce shows the most diverse facets. In this way, you can communicate with your potential customers on social media to inform them about innovations. Discount campaigns, special offers and test programs make it possible to quickly build a stable customer base. But you cannot do without the typical methods of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising). These two marketing measures form the basis of a successful company that has internalized the digitization of advertising.

Digital marketing: what is backlinking?

Search engine optimization goes hand in hand with various methods and technical terms. Surely you will often hear of the so-called backlink, which can give you an immense advantage in establishing your e-commerce. Backlinking is used to make your website more attractive to the Google search engine. Because Google works with a certain ranking, which is made up of various factors. The more often your website is mentioned on another website (backlink), the more conspicuous you are for the algorithm of the search engine. After all, numerous links also result in an increased flow of visitors, i.e. the traffic.

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Digital Marketing: What is AdWord for?

When people talk about search engines, most people think of Google. The internet company has developed into the market giant of the World Wide Web in recent years and should therefore be considered in your marketing. Numerous studies have shown that most people under the age of 60 find products, services or companies on the Internet.

Google recognized this and responded to it with its Google AdWords advertising program. These ads are advertisements that are shown when a user uses the search engine. Compared to the competition, however, when you claim an ad, you don’t appear in the search results, but above it. You also have the option of describing your website in more detail with a text, highlighting special offers or defining special features.

How do you develop an entry-level concept?

Getting into the world of digital marketing is difficult. After all, there is not exactly one procedure that guarantees success. Rather, numerous tests, analyzes and an evaluation of the effectiveness are required. If you feel overwhelmed at the beginning, it is advisable to hire an expert. The specialists at know this Backlinking as well as the methods of the Google advertisement. Before using the service, it is important to define your wishes and long-term goals for your marketing campaign.

So it falls Google Ads agency easier to develop a concept that is tailored to your company. You can find more tips on cross-platform links, SEO and Google AdWords in the following section or visit the website of Performance love.

Digital marketing: how does backlinking work?

Tip 1: In order for backlinks to be set at all, your platform must offer interesting and high-quality articles. This becomes possible if you provide each category of the online shop with an informative blog article. In this you can go into detail about how the products are used, what special features distinguish them and when the purchase is worthwhile. When blogging, the question should always be in the foreground: What information does the customer need? Which information is difficult to find on the net?

Tip 2: In order to link to your platform, other website operators must find out about you. It is therefore important that you publish your new blog entries and articles. Use the social media for this. Instagram and Facebook are popular here because a high number of users is reached. If it is a technical article on certain professional groups or areas, Xing and LinkedIn are also suitable as a platform for sharing the article.

Tip 3: You can use Linkexchange to overcome the initial difficulties. The team of experts will surely provide you with comprehensive support in this discipline. Have you found a platform or website that perfectly matches the content of the articles you have written? Then it may make sense to contact the operator of the website. When exchanging links, you provide a link that is integrated as a link in the opposite blog. In return, you also link an article to your platform. However, these backlinks should not be operated too intensely. Because the Google search engine is able to recognize when there is an intensive, obvious link exchange. This reduces the ranking.

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What distinguishes good Google Ads?

Tip 4: The most important tip for realizing successful marketing using Google Ads is to look at the settings. Campaign users often blindly adopt the settings. However, this can be to your disadvantage. In order for your advertisement to reach your target group, you should pay particular attention to the networks in which the advertisement is presented. It is also important to control the display regionally. This is important if you not only sell goods, but also offer services or own a shop. Finally, you want to address the local interested parties.

Tip 5: You should be aware of one thing: Any advertisement does not result in high-quality marketing. The search engine users are already used to flashing ads. Therefore, a Google Ads agency relies on an interesting ad text as well Install eyechatcher. Special characters, which are also referred to as “interferers”, immediately catch the eye. Use “€”, “%” or “&” signs to focus your attention on your ad. So you can give the user an insight into your offers.

Tip 6: You always try to get the customer’s attention, but you shouldn’t use all means. Capitalization or emojis are often used in abundance to make the display more visible. Capitalization has become an integral part of the ad in recent years. A few years ago, too many capital letters were blocked. What so far only a few users know: Emojis can also be included in the ad. However, it is important to ensure high quality integration. Because matching emojis quickly look inappropriate. They suffer from the seriousness of the advertisement. You should only integrate an emoji if it fits 100% of the display.