6 km / h: e-scooter provider Tier slows down with geofencing

The e-scooter provider Tier Mobility admits, despite the unclear legal situation, to reduce the speed of its scooters in pedestrian zones. Company spokesman David Krebs told on request: The statement of a reader, “that we reduce the speed in Dortmund is correct”. Tier Mobility is a startup from Berlin.

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“At least the provider Tier brakes the e-scooters in the corresponding zones to a maximum of around 6 km / h”that he last experienced it himself in Dortmund, a reader told had reported that, according to the rental company Voi, reducing the speed or switching off e-scooters with geofencing is not allowed in Germany. On the basis of geofencing, it is possible to limit areas in which driving e-scooters is prohibited – such as pedestrian zones, parks, cemeteries and schoolyards – so that the vehicles can only drive through them at reduced speed.

According to the legal situation on GPS-controlled remote throttling, Paragraph 1a of the Road Traffic Act (StVG) contains provisions for vehicles with a highly or fully automated driving function, but these regulations are still relatively new. The stipulation that vehicle drivers exercise complete control over their vehicle and that this control must not be curtailed, however, has existed for much longer.

Point 5 of Article 8 of the 1968 Convention on Road Transport says: “Every vehicle driver must be able to control his vehicle at all times or be able to drive his animals.” This statement was extended in the European Additional Convention to the Convention on Road Traffic from 1971 to include the following: “Every vehicle driver must be in control of his vehicle at all times in order to be able to meet the duties of care.”

An intervention from outside when driving into an area in which the maximum achievable driving speed is reduced to below the maximum speed by geofencing can, according to Voi, represent an intervention in the ability of vehicle drivers to control their vehicle.

Tier points out that this issue has repeatedly come up in discussions for over a year, for example in discussions between the company and other providers with the Federal Ministry of Transport and the Federal Motor Transport Authority. “We have been and are still in contact with both authorities on this issue and are still waiting for a clear decision to reduce the speed.”said Cancer.

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