6 Mysterious Biological Events Where Science Still Can not Find An Answer

We listed 6 biological phenomena and incidents for which you can not find even the answer to the golden age.

Science has been a guide to explain the human nature's nature and the supernatural or legendary facts from the past to the present. Today, science and technology have become more advanced than ever, but many of the world's most successful experts, even unexplained questions about the many events and events are still alive on earth. For you, we will examine 10 biological mysteries that science has yet to explain; Let's get started …


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Hammerhead Shark

This shark species is one of the oldest shark species in terms of appearance, the youngest member of the descendant, contrary to what is actually expected. Having a history of 20 million years, thought to be the first shark-bearer to have 450 million years of history, the hammerhead shark is still delving into the minds of scientists and marine biologists with its interesting skull.

Although the claim that the skull's function is "a weapon used to hunt" and "a factor in improving swimming dynamics" has yet to be produced, the functioning of such an abdominal body structure has not been fully predicted.

Why is Kava Healthy for Pacific Islanders, Poisoning Europeans?

Kava, used as a supplement in the 90's, became popular in many European countries and America, but by 2001 it was found to be extremely harmful to liver. It was explained that Kava, which is thought to be basically good for sleeping problems, stress and anxiety, is slowly poisoning the human. The main outlet in terms of use is the Pacific Islands, Kava is used as a cultural drink consumed by the locals in ceremonies. The interesting aspect is that this plant, which has poisonous effects for other people, does not show any side effects in the local people, but it can be said that it is a healthy way of relaxation.

Caries Smelling During 5 Years

In 1991, when a farmer cut off his fingernail with a strange accidental chicken bone, he found himself in the media as ridiculous news; but later the event became even more interesting. The finger of the farmer, injured by the chicken bone, had not recovered for many years and had an extremely heavy odor similar to the smell of rotten meat. This unresolved mystery unexpectedly self-heals after 5 years.

Mountain Lion with Teeth in the Skull

An example of these mysterious cats, one of the best hunters among the catwalks who are under danger of extinction, has been a highly confusing situation. The mountain lion that attacked a man's dog according to his actions was neutralized by the man, and the interesting thing was that when he looked closely at the mountain lion that was killed. At the top of the head of the mountain lion who had the bet, there were teeth.

Why Do People Find Genital Regions?

The function of this factor, which science has yet to explain and which is not presently aesthetically acceptable by most people, is still not fully explained. The main arguments for now are that they exist only to protect bacteria from microorganisms and bacteria, and that they are likely to hold hormonal smells.


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Why People Love Music?

Since the existence of mankind, the music that has entered our lives in a certain way is still one of the greatest mysteries of the world with the effects that it creates in the human brain. There is no answer yet to why it is so important and effective for the music person who activates many points of the brain.