6 Things Elon Musk Confirms About Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla introduced the new Cybertruck in an event where he lowered the glass frame. Elon Musk answers some questions about the car, Twitter, announced.

Tesla's latest electric vehicle, as known Cybertruck She had been. The launch of the vehicle attracted great interest and Teslamanaged to capture sales figures quite well. So this vehicle is currently the trend in electric vehicles.

Nevertheless Tesla when there is a place to look more at launches and promotional events, Elon Musk's twitter account. The company has a very extrovert personality CEO, Thursday after the announcement of the vehicle often answered questions about the vehicle. Here's Elon Musk. Cybertruck Some information we learned from their description.

1. Tesla produces Cybertruck's stainless steel itself:

tesla cybertruck

Some people liked the design of Cybertruck and others liked it. mockery made. This sharp line design, Musk rather than an obligation. Musk on a tweet ultra hard 30X said that they prefer such a design because it is impossible to bend the steel.

This material, Tesla a material of its own production. According to Musk, the production process will not be difficult, but to say the same to find new chassis production methods. power. Musk, this method over time than traditional methods cheap future, simplicity reduces the number of parts, he says.

2. Musk developed a theory of why the Cybertruck glass was broken:

tesla cybertruck

the Cybertruck mosquehad broken in the promotional event, but this was not at all expected and led to many theories. Elon Musk, he said that the sledgehammer blow creates problems at the base of the glass and that is why the glass is broken. Next time before throw the ball after he added that they would hit with a sledgehammer.

3. Cybertruck will have color options, but few:

tesla cybertruck

At first the Cybertruck it was thought to be only one color option. Then someone shared designs to make the car black, and Musk said that this color should be presented. In general, the car will have different color options, such as white and black, but there is no choice from a wide range of colors.

Tesla is already evaluating the option of customizable vinyl coatings to replace the paint in this vehicle. Flamed shorts with a pattern Cybertruck If you want to need vinyl coating. This part of the company aims to leave to the user.

4. Cybertruck will be the only big news from Tesla for a long time:

tesla cybertruck

Tesla's roadmap is very clear. Model S, Model X and Model 3 currently on the roads. Model Y deliveries will begin. Tesla also has models waiting for it. As a matter of fact, it is not surprising that the company has been breathing for a while.

Musk says about Tesla's big car news would wait a while He says. In a tweet “Cybertruck is the last tool we'll explain for a while” next year unexpected technology said they would be with us. There is a difference in what these technologies will be. theories there is. One of these is the activation of a fully autonomous system.

5. Cybertruck can be a family:

tesla cybertruck

Currently only 1 Cybertruck model. This electric pick-up, which is a very large 6-seater, can become a family of vehicles. Elon Musk confirmed that a smaller version of the vehicle could be made in the future. When we look at the pick-up market, all the major manufacturers intermediate vehicles are also produced because the needs of each driver may not be the same.

6. Cybertruck demand continues to rise:

tesla cybertruck

Tesla, Model Y he had seen no harm in explaining the pre-orders for Cybretruck No such information has been published for. For those who wish to purchase the vehicle, they make a reservation in order to obtain a sequence number and to have the vehicle previously 100 dollars They're paying.


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When Elon Musk answered a question on the subject, 146 thousand He said he had received reservations. This number reached 200,000 at the weekend. This is Tesla's safe. $ 20 million It means the ingress of money. On the other hand, it is possible to withdraw this money, and as we have seen before, not every vehicle that registers.

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