6 Things Everyone Knows That Are Not Today During The Tape Era

There were many cassette clichés in our lives when music was spread through cassettes. These stereotypes disappeared over time, remaining as nostalgia in the memories.

Everything changes with technology. One of them is that people change in listening habits happened. Music that moved from vinyl to cassettes became digital over time, the kingdom of cassettes disappeared. There are some habits that were common in the period when cassettes were popular, but that are simply not read today.

Record songs from tape


Especially in the period when foreign tapes are not available recording songs from tapes it was very popular. When the song started on the radio, the record button was pressed and the song was recorded. From time to time, people would sing the songs themselves.


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Fast forward with the pen

tape pen

Forward or rewinding the tapes with the pencil, especially for walkman users It was a pretty standard move. Because walkmans would quickly drain their batteries. A pen was used to save battery.

Preparing a valentine tape

valentine tape

Perhaps the longest-standing habit was to fill cassettes for lovers. Selected songs were recorded on tape. Later, this custom was replaced by CD filling. Also today Prepare a Spotify playlist It continues in the form.

Writing different types of songs on two different faces

a face b face

At that time, the A side of the cassettes was usually listened to. To this face has a chance to be popular, songs that the artist and producer trusted more were put. Face B, on the other hand, hosted songs that were more in the shadows.


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Listening to the last sound arabesque music on the street


Today, the equivalent of those who open Turkish rap on their smartphones on the street The last sound on the street was listening to arabesque music. Rappers who shouldered portable cassette players in the US were also popular.

Cassette vendors traveling by car

cassette seller

For a while, many people who could not open a shop in our country were turning to vending. At that time, everyone would put the products they could sell on a car they could find and spread to the streets. These cars are usually connected to a battery and a tape recorder playing loud tapes would take place.