6 Useful Tips for Beginners on Netflix

Serving more than 180 million subscribers, Netflix is ​​the world’s most popular online TV series and movie platform. Moreover, thousands of new subscribers join this platform, where there are countless contents. If you are new to Netflix, these 6 tips can seriously improve your Netflix experience.

Technological developments as the water flows like years, people’s living standards changed. For example, while tube televisions were once inaccessible, these products are not even sold anymore. In addition, traditional TV channels have gradually started to replace online movie and series platforms. As number one in this sector can be predicted Netflix.

Netflix, today More than 180 million has a subscriber. Users have the opportunity to watch the most suitable TV series and movies, and sometimes the most suitable content for their own style. Moreover, this platform offers consumers at affordable prices is becoming more and more popular every day. Now to you, Netflix we will give you some advice that can improve your experience.


6 Netflix tips for beginners

The right address for the best suggestions: Your personal profile

The algorithm that Netflix has is to enjoy works by focusing. In other words, the content you watch on your own profile is actually used to determine the new series and movies that Netflix will recommend to you. Moreover, if you use Netflix with your family in multiple profiles, there are separate recommendations for each profile. Also positive or negative to the content you watch opinion If you specify, the content to be recommended to you is determined according to these opinions.


Use subtitles as you wish

Netflix offers many different features to give users a better experience. One of these features subtitles. Netflix subscribers can use the subtitle they want in the productions they want. Moreover, Netflix has designed the subtitle system it created in a customizable way. So you can choose the letter style, size or color as you wish. you can adjust.

Improve your experience with the shortcuts you will use

You can use Netflix on almost any device with internet access, such as a smartphone, television or computer. Netflix is ​​trying to make control as easy as possible to improve the experience. In this context, if Netflix computer Some shortcuts can make your job easier. If you wish, you can use it on Netflix immediately. shortcuts to Let’s take a closer look.

  • FPressing the “button: takes the image to the full screen.
  • ESCPressing “: takes the image off the full screen.
  • Space“or”EnterPressing “: Stops or resumes the content you are watching.
  • MPressing “: Mute the content.
  • Arrow keys use: right / left arrow keys scroll content forward / backward; the up / down arrow keys change the volume.


Download content, watch anytime

The content you want to watch on Netflix is ​​directly on the device you can download. Thus, when you are not connected to the Wi-Fi network, you can watch the content without using the mobile internet package. Moreover “Smart Download“feature automatically deletes the part you watch and finish so it doesn’t inflate your device’s storage.

Try Netflix’s special category Turkey

Netflix, a special category was created shortly before Turkey. “Made in TurkeyThis category, which is called “contains only Turkish productions on the platform. Moreover, the content under this category includes Netflix’s original series and movies, as well as all domestic licensed licenses. Includes productions. In this way, you can easily access popular Turkish productions.


Create special profiles for your kids

Among the packages Netflix offers “Family“The package is included. This subscription package allows all individuals in a family to have a unique Netflix experience, even if it is a bit expensive than others. Moreover, parents will create profile with They can both hide their profiles from their children and filter the content suitable for their children’s mental health.

If you are a new subscriber of Netflix, this is what we give you the advice you can make your Netflix experience unique. Netflix’s also Turkey June If you want to be informed about the content it will publish in September, we welcome you to our news here.