6 Ways to Earn Money Playing Games on Steam

It is possible to earn money legally by playing games on the digital gaming platform Steam. As a hardcore gamer, we have explained in detail the different and fun methods you can apply to earn money on Steam.

There are many different and enjoyable games that you can play on Steam, the digital game platform developed by Valve Corporation. But Steam’de not just gaming, earning money you also have a chance. How to make money on Steam After learning the methods, you can apply them and make your dream of making money just by playing games come true. Moreover, you do not need any capital for most of the methods.

Well, What are the ways to make money on Steam? First of all, it should be noted that the only way to earn real money on Steam is to develop a game and distribute it for other players to purchase. However, you can spend the money you earn with other methods on Steam with pleasure. For you How to make money on Steam We explained the methods in detail.

Ways to make money on Steam:

  • Method #1: Collect in-game items.
  • Method #2: Sell ‚Äč‚Äčitems at the right time.
  • Method #3: Store trading cards.
  • Method #4: Track pre-orders.
  • Method #5: Follow the games with the most items falling.
  • Method #6: Develop a game and distribute it on Steam.

Method #1: Collect in-game items:

in-game item

The first way you should try as a method of monetization on Steam is to collect in-game items. many games you as you play and rise you will find valuable and rare items. There are even areas that provide fixed item flow in games like Dota 2. The key here is to be patient.

As a successful player, you can count on the important items you get when you patiently make progress in a game. will pay high fees You can find different players. Because many players are impatient and want to have the items they will buy in advanced levels at the beginning of the game.

Method #2: Sell items at the right time:

steam monetization

Earning items as you play is not enough to earn money on Steam. The important thing is to sell the items you have at the right time. For example no longer available, maybe you can sell an item that you only have to other players for a few more than its old price if you are patient.

In particular, there are collectors of some special cards and rare items that drop. like this in your hand if there is a valuable item you can sell it to collectors for a fairly high amount. Because some collectors try to get badges by collecting cards.

Method #3: Keep trading cards:

trading kart

Other items you can get as you play games on Steam are trading cards and trading cards. In general, these cards are given quite low value, but as a result of regular play you can get cards with higher value.

There is no clear strategy to implement for obtaining trading cards and trading cards. Generally one card in the first 15 minutes of the game, in the second hour of the game Another card is given. However, you still have the chance to collect a lot of cards without realizing it, by immersing yourself in the rhythm of the game and having fun.

Method #4: Track pre-orders:

pre-order game

Sometimes game developers release some early-order items or early access crates on Steam. In such cases, if the pre-ordered item If it’s available for sale on the Steam store You can buy it early and sell it later with big profits.

Some pre-order items, games, or early access cases that you can get for a few dollars worth hundreds of dollars it can go up. For this reason, it is useful to follow these types of pre-order products regularly.

Method #5: Follow the games that drop the most items:

item falling game

You can find the most dropped games on Steam through the ‘Browse by game’ section and you can find them in this store. with amazing items you may encounter. It is very important to regularly follow the falling items found here, because the number of buyers is quite high.

Sometimes a game that you can buy for a good price will be released later in the Steam store. you can sell at high prices You will see items drop. In other words, a small investment in a game can bring you items that you can make high profits later on.

Method #6: Develop a game and distribute it on Steam (Don’t take it lightly, see details):

game development

As we mentioned before, the only way to earn real money on Steam is to develop a game and play it. Distribute via Steam. For this, you can contact different game developers or distribute your own game via Steam Direct and earn real money through game sales fees or in-game purchases.

Of course, developing a game, especially distributing it on Steam, is a difficult process. Because for the games that Steam will bring to the platform There are some criteria. Likewise, it should not be forgotten that Steam takes a certain percentage of the money you earn through games. However, the most effective way to earn real money is to develop a game.

Things to consider for monetization on Steam:


Opening a safe on Steam is seen by many players as a wrong move or even a trap. With this method, depositing the money you have barely earned in a safe is enough to return the money you invested. It does not bring a high profit. Therefore, it is recommended to save money.

The most important point you need to pay attention to while making money on Steam is to be patient. No one has a big day in-game item merchant it doesn’t happen. If you already enjoy playing games, keep doing what you do without any fuss and watch your Steam wallet fill up day by day.

When buying or selling an item on Steam Steam Market Helper You can use a script like This script can automatically find the cheapest products, keep the cost readable, and customize your purchases based on your behavior. Moreover, the script run through an internet browser is much faster than the Steam program.

Instead of developing a game to earn real money on Steam, you can work with different game developers according to your skills. You can find many game developers who want to work with a successful designer, coder, or graphic designer. Firstly with your freelance jobs step by step you can involve yourself in the game market.

Making money on Steam is not a professional job, but at least enjoy playing games It wouldn’t be bad to get some extra cash for your in-Steam spending. There is no reason why you should not encounter a full Steam wallet one day by patiently applying the above methods.