$ 7.5 Billion ‘Stolen’ Bitcoin Transfer Made

There has been a remarkable development in the Bitcoin markets. Oddly enough, $ 7.5 billion worth of Bitcoins, which are stolen and known to be dormant since 2016, have been transferred. Why and by whom the transfer is currently unknown.

We’ve been sharing something about almost every day for a while Bitcoin There has been an important development regarding. In an incident that happened last night, there was a full $ 7.5 billion Bitcoin movement. While this is normal, the highlight of the transfer is that these Bitcoins stolen and dormant since 2016 was that they were.

The activation of dormant Bitcoin wallets when the holidays are not seen is generally for the markets. worrying is a situation. Especially high volume transfer transactions are often interpreted as a possible decline in the markets. Under normal circumstances, yesterday’s movement should have shaken the market, but the aforementioned Bitcoins are stolen and exchanges that you won’t let it sell was believed, did not have the expected impact on the markets.

Social media accounts reporting transfer could not keep up with the transfers of stolen Bitcoins

Bitcoin transfers

  • The original high resolution image of the above image containing the details of the transfer operations, here You can reach it using the link.

There are some social media accounts that track large volumes of transfers in the Bitcoin markets. One emergency mechanism These accounts, which can be thought of as such, allow users to be careful in large transfers. However, the $ 7.5 billion transfer that took place yesterday evening was so large that the social media accounts in question are catching up with the transfers. they had difficulty.


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The reason for the incident that happened yesterday and who was behind it Unknown. In other words, any information about who transferred Bitcoins, which are known to be stolen and have been waiting dormant since 2016, by whom and why. out of the question. In addition, the crypto money markets do not seem to care much about this situation.