7 Things Players Want to See in The Witcher 4


A new one may be added to The Witcher games, which became popular again with Netflix's The Witcher series in the near future. So what do players want to see in The Witcher 4? Let's look for answers to this question in 7 subtitles.

The next few days The Witcher CD Projekt RED, who announced that they will start developing their game as 'just after the release of Cyberpunk 2077', stated that the game will not be a direct continuation of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This statement, which excited the actors, also caused many question marks in the minds.

As it is known, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt entered our lives about 5 years ago, and the interest in the game peaked especially after the Netflix series. because of new game Expectations have also increased considerably. We are the players their expectations we put some together. Here are 7 things to expect from The Witcher 4.

1. More mythological creatures:

The Witcher monster

Many of The Witcher's creatures To European mythologies It is known to everyone that it is based, but players want to see different mythological creatures in the new game. Selkie may be a different version of Leprechaun, or Tatzelwurm from Austrian mythology.

2. Not being affected by the Netflix series too much:

After the Netflix series, the number of people who want to play The Witcher game has increased, however, creating the new game entirely with the effect of the series is not something players will want. because of CD Projekt REDAt this point, it should establish the balance between the original series and the series.

3. A strong story:

The Witcher

The game world is developing and there are now many open world games. So for The Witcher 4 to stand out a well prepared to the main story there is need.

4. The ongoing recording feature from The Witcher 3:

The fact that you can import your data in The Witcher 3 in The Witcher 4 may be a good feature for you, but at this point, CD Projekt RED's game directly supports The Witcher 3. will not continue description comes to mind. So this feature may not be included in the new game.

5. More game music:

The Witcher

'Toss A Coin To Your Witcher' He is loved by the fans of the game, but you may want to see more of it in the new game. We will see together what kind of surprises CD Projekt RED will come across.

6. Improved marks:

The Witcher world has signs that allow you to create protective shields and set your enemies on fire, as is known. Re-addressing and improving the sign system in the new game can yield good results. for example Axii Sign while using more advanced dialogue options can meet us.

7. Nintendo console support

The Witcher

Compared to PS4 and Xbox One Nintendo Switch We can say that it's lagging behind, but as you know, The Witcher 3 was later released for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch support can be expected for the new game.


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We have come to the end of our article that brings together what is expected from The Witcher 4. You can share your expectations that you think should be on the list with us in the comments section.