7 Turkish-Made Plays We Have Been Often Known Recently

Recently, local games have started to fall like a bomb in the game world in our country. We can say that many new Turkish-made games that came out one after another divided both the actors and the famous publishers into two. In this content, we take a close look at the new Turkish-made games, which are the trends that some love and others are hitting the ground.

There is only one topic that Twitch, Facebook and YouTube broadcasters have been discussing recently: Turkish made games… While some people approach these games with more measured and constructive criticisms because they are Turkish made, some argue that Turkish games should be criticized harshly like all other games.

If we leave aside the drama experienced recently, the domestic game are actually the Turkey-based game studio how much you have improvedi and although these games have their shortcomings, it reveals that the studios are trying to do well. If you are ready, you can see that PintiPanda, Pqueen, Jahrein and many other publishers have published; Recently, Enis Kirazoğlu and other names have also frequently mentioned in YouTube videos. Turkish-made games that are trending Let’s take a closer look.

Turkish-made games that have been talked about lately:

  • Erzurum
  • power
  • Ronin: Two Souls
  • Pawn of the Dead
  • Soul Searching
  • Cats and the Other Lives
  • Sabotage

Sabotage, referred to as Native CS: GO

turkish made games sabotage

  • Developer: HES Games
  • Door: FPS
  • Price: Free

Yet in open beta Despite being a newcomer, capturing a good player base SabotageIs quite reminiscent of CS: GO. There is a point where Sabotage, known as domestic CS: ​​GO, differs from other popular FPS games, especially with weapon customizations and gameplay mechanics. This point is that weapon customizations falling from special cases in Sabotage have a great impact on the game. Apart from that, it really deserves the native CS: GO title with its Sabotage maps, weapons and basic gameplay.

Apart from these, in Sabotage, players can also establish a clan and participate in events with their clans. Being able to create a clan is a nice detail, but there are many more points Sabotage needs to improve. Studies need to be done especially in terms of graphic optimization and hit feeling. The developers of the game are also aware of these problems and continue to release updates regularly. Open beta of Sabotage free for playing from here You can access the Steam page.

Family drama through a cat’s eyes: Cats and the Other Lives

  • Geliştirici: Cultic Games
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Price: –

As Aspen, the cat of the Mason family, we can run from adventure to adventure, more precisely, we will be able to run in the coming days. Cats and the Other Livesis a new Turkish made game popular with broadcasters. In this game developed by Cultic Games and Bahçeşehir BUG, ​​we witness the deep story of the Mason family through the eyes of Aspen, the cat of the house. Classical haunted house inspired by fairy tales the Mason family upon the death of their grandfather in Cats and the Other Lives, which has an atmosphere; He returns to the mansion where his children pass, and after a long time the family is reunited.

As Aspen, grandfather Bernard’s cat, we walk around this huge house and witness the story of the Mason family. The story of the Mason family is quite rich and lasting for decades; full of disappointments, regrets and hopes. Point and click 2D platform game Cats and the Other Lives; will be released within this year. To the game’s Steam page from here you can reach.

A game that we go on a journey to find ourselves: Soul Searching

  • Developer: Kayabros
  • Genre: Survival, Adventure
  • Price: 15 TL

Developed by Kayabros with the help of Poland-based QubicGames Soul SearchingAlthough it was released in 2017, it has recently come back to the agenda due to the popularity of Turkish-made games. Soul Searching, in which we look down on our character like the first GTA and RPG games, has some similarity with the popular Indie game Stardew Valley. Soul Searching basically; leaving the island where we were born with a small raft, magical worldsIt’s a simple and sweet game that we are heading towards.

Soul Searching, which has no tutorial section, leaves us in the middle of an open world where we will try to survive without knowing what to do. From this point on, what we do is up to us. If you want, you can opt for a better raft, specialize in fishing, or learn spells in the magical worlds you reach. Soul Searching, which deals with themes such as growing up, leaving your birthplace and standing on your own feet, Kayabros It emerges as a result of the efforts of Talha Kaya from the team of three years alone and Talha Kaya states that Soul Searching is a very personal game. To Soul Searching’s Steam page from here you can reach and take a look at the game.

A strange chess game: Pawn of the Dead

  • Developer: Aslan Game Studio
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Price: 15.50 TL

Netflix series Queen’s Gambit Our interest in chess has increased. It is a 3D chess-based game developed by Aslan Game Studio in this period. Pawn of the Dead debuted. In Pawn of the Dead, a game based on different chess scenarios in the style of Battle Chess, we defeat the zombies trying to destroy the White Kingdom with chess moves. Of course, the White King, White Queen and other characters in the game represent the chess pieces.

Although Pawn of the Dead is chess-based, it also stretches some chess rules and adds new mechanics to the game. The simplest example of this is that the black pawns in the game, ie the opposing team’s pawns, can move backwards. Although it is a bit weak in terms of storytelling, the game does not address this point anyway, so storytelling is actually used to add an extra flavor to the game. The main point of the game is the moves you will make on the chessboard. For a closer look at Pawn of the Dead, visit the Steam page from here you can reach.

The story of a Samurai who hits the road on an uninhabited Japanese island: Ronin: Two Souls

  • Developer: M11 Studio
  • Genre: Role-playing game, Adventure
  • Price: 20 TL

Quite talked about lately in the top three of our list Turkish made games has. The first of these Ronin: Two Souls or the native Ghost of Tsushima, the samurai game with an atmospheric open world. Ronin: Two Souls, which we set out with Kenji, a novice samurai living on the isolated island of Toshi in Japan, does a good job in terms of graphics. However, it is worth noting that the game is still in early access. This is why Ronin: Two Souls has shortcomings and points of criticism.

Ronin: The gameplay, atmosphere and open world of Two Souls is similar to the Ghost of Tsushima. In the open world We can take tasks, explore different places and uncover stories. The most criticized point of the game is the combat system, because Ronin: Two Souls has a combat mechanic based on pressing the keys at the right time, unfortunately not expected from an open world role-playing game with a relatively large map. Fighting parts where we can’t move freely in platform game mode Emerges. Perhaps this can be fixed in the future, as the game is still in early access and new updates are on the way. Ronin: Two Souls’ Steam page from here you can access.

Erzurum, which is at the center of the localness debates in the games

  • Geliştirici: Proximity Games
  • Genre: Survival, Open world
  • Price: 25 TL

From its publisher to YouTuber, to its actors in our country, Erzurumhas divided the game world in our country into two. Erzurum, which caused broadcasters to quarrel with each other and created a great deal, open world survival gameWhat we call open world is Erzurum itself. The Long DarkWe are trying to survive in the wild in freezing temperatures in Erzurum, which is highly inspired by Turkey. In this game, which offers a 9-kilometer map of Erzurum, the name of our main character is Taylan. Taylan goes on a journey to the desolate corners of Erzurum without listening to the cold, snow or anything.

Trying to cope with the cold of Erzurum, one of the coldest cities of our country, Taylan is not aware of the region he goes to. meteor shower The result is that it shows abnormalities. Taylan, who is left alone in this region, must make a great effort to survive. Erzurum does a good job in terms of core concept, survival elements and graphics. However, the game has many points that are criticized and need to be improved. To review Erzurum, go to the game’s Steam page from here You can reach and take a look at the details of Erzurum.

Survival game in the post-apocalyptic world with beautiful graphics: Potentia

  • Developer: Wily Pumpkin
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Price: 40 TL

Another production that occupies the game world in our country is undoubtedly. power is happening. We can say that the point where the game is criticized the most and praised at some times is similar to The Last of Us. The character we play, Victor, who survives in the post-apocalyptic world, is also very similar to Joel. Potentia’s resemblance to The Last of Us, which is the point where it has been criticized a lot, necessarily makes Potentia a AAA game. The Last of Us causing comparison with. Although Potentia is a game that has been well studied and promises a good experience at some point, unfortunately it is subject to quite harsh criticism compared to The Last of Us.

The fact that Potentia is a game for the global game market increases the magnitude of these criticisms. Potentia, of course, has some good achievements. The most important of these points is that outdoor spaces are very successful in terms of graphic and art management. Potentia is also slightly behind in terms of story compared to The Last of Us. In Potentia, we try to survive in a post-apocalyptic chaos where there is no government with our character named Victor. Of the game a free demo is also available. To download the demo and try Potentia, go to the game’s Steam page from here you can reach.


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We take a closer look at domestic games that have been talked about and trending lately. Turkish made games We came to the end of our list. Although there are some deficiencies, the Turkish game industry has achieved such a successful progress especially in this period, making us happy. You can also share your views about the games on the list and other Turkish-made games you like in the comments section.