7-Year-Old YouTuber's Head in Trouble Due to Contents

Last year, the US Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint with Ryan ToysReview, which earned $ 22 million, YouTube's highest-paid channel and introduced toys by a 7-year-old boy. The petition argues that the promoted toys are advertising material in exchange for sponsorships.

With the widespread use of products such as the Internet, smartphones and tablets, interest in social media platforms has increased. In fact, many people have started to make money through social media, and the money earned from these channels is making a serious blow.

YouTube is one of the frequented platforms for people who want to make money. In fact, the word "YouTuber", which is said for people who upload content to YouTube, has become entangled in everyone's language in recent years. A YouTube channel called "Ryan ToysReview" is one of the channels that produce content for children. The owner of the channel is only a 7-year-old boy named Ryan Kaji.

Ryan ToysReview

The thing about this cute little boy on YouTube is making toy box openings and trials for his peers. The account is currently managed by Ryan's parents, Shion and Loann Kaji. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is that this little boy has 21 million subscribers. The number of followers Ryan toysreview of Turkey's having the most number of followers YouTube channel "NetDir music" means that the skin even more followers. Moreover, this YouTube channel's earnings in 2018 is $ 22 million.

Nowadays, however, the young child is in trouble with YouTube content. The reason is a complaint to the US Federal Trade Commission. According to the petition submitted to the commission, little Ryan is actually "advertising" the toys he introduces through various sponsorship agreements. According to the information in the petition, toy manufacturers are making various agreements to promote Ryan's products and thus advertising using the ürün product placement yöntem method.

Ryan Kaji

Ryan ToysReview videos are mostly for children of very young age. According to the information contained in the petition, 5-year-old children are not able to make reasonable decisions on these products. Children at this age are vulnerable to new toys.

Ryan's father, Shion Kaji, said that they knew YouTube's terms of service and closely followed the upgrades, and said that they adhere to the rules set out in most of the sponsored products and did not accept the charges. According to Baba Kaji, the happiness of the followers is very important for them.


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According to some US Federal Trade Commission officials, YouTube's conditions are not harsh enough, and gaps in the rules, channel owners know how to exploit the systemic gaps they find.

Officials of the US Federal Trade Commission are working on their complaint. If the Commission concludes that this is against the rules, both YouTube and Ryan ToysReview may be fined.