700 megahertz: Vodafone offers slower 5G on earlier TV frequencies

Vodafone uses 700 megahertz frequencies for 5G expansion. The company announced this on April 22, 2020 known. In the area that was previously used for digital terrestrial television DVB-T and was auctioned for around 5 billion euros in 2015, 5G data transmission rates of around 130 Mbit / s (B20 + N28) are possible. Vodafone said that up to 200 megabits per second can be achieved.

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Vodafone uses Dynamic Spectrum Sharing to use the area with 5G and LTE at the same time.
"We are bringing 5G to the surface – and at the same time even better 4G. With a network that spans far into the country and deep into the houses. A technology that uses two antennas to serve two mobile phone generations at once. And that for millions of people already this year "said Vodafone Germany boss Hannes Ametsreiter. "This is how we create the right mix between bandwidth and reach for Germany."

Vodafone has also activated the 5G network in the Hochsauerland district in Brilon, Olsberg, Bad Wünnenberg and Bad Fredeburg. In Baden-Württemberg the network is now broadcasting in Ulm, Blaustein, Buch and Heroldstatt; in Brandenburg from now on in Müncheberg.

The Swiss network operator Sunrise stated in November 2019: A 5G expansion in the existing frequencies at 700 MHz to 2,600 MHz "While it would have the advantage of quickly offering broad 5G coverage, compatible devices are hardly available and the connection speeds are not significantly different from 4G +".

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