72-meter submarine shot by road in Iran (video)


Iran’s Russian-made Kilo-class submarine moved from the highway to the Bandar Abbas base instead of going from the sea. The images of the submarine captured while pulling from the highway became viral on social media.

A land that has never been on land before submarine did you see? These gigantic sized vehicles normally serve at sea, even below the sea and oceans. As many of them perform secret missions, we usually cannot see them. An extremely interesting incident took place in Iran. In a shared video, a submarine by trucks taken It was seen.

The transportation of such a gigantic sea from land brings with it some difficulties. 2,300 tons The team, which needed a lot of power and wheels to carry the submarine, which was announced to be, prepared a special system for this transport. The 72-meter-long Russian-made Kilo-class submarine moved to the Bandar Abbas base, 38 kilometers away, according to a statement by PopMech. The reason why Iran was driving this submarine not from the sea but from the land was not explained.

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