8 Apps You Can Listen To Radio Without Getting Stuck, Even If It’s Outdated


Even though we have all the music we look for in the digital age, there is a reality called the culture of listening to the radio. We have compiled the most beautiful applications for radio enjoyment, which is indispensable for most listeners. Here are 8 applications that you can easily run on ioS and Android operating systems and listen to the radio without getting stuck!

listening to the radio according to some people an outdated action Although it is a technology that still has a very serious buyer today. Especially listening to the radio on the phone There are many applications produced for its name. with iOS or Android operating systems You can easily listen to the radio without getting stuck. While creating our list, we will include the most liked applications. You can experience any of these applications and decide which one to use.

Especially On your Android and iPhone devices These applications, which you can use easily, will offer music broadcasts in the mode you want. Even if your internet speed is low, you can easily listen to music with these applications. Request Google Play ve App Storeā€™da 8 radio apps that won’t let you down.

8 Applications You Can Listen To Radio:

  • TuneIn Radio
  • Carnival Radio
  • Heart Radio App
  • Radio Tower
  • AccuRadio
  • Simple Radio
  • AndroTurk Radio
  • PowerApp

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

  • Point: 4.5
  • Developer:TuneIn Inc

Tuneln Radio, which is an ambitious application especially in terms of mobile application, is constantly updating to present its own quality better. There are more than one hundred thousand radio channels in the application. You can listen to the broadcasts live, add them to the list to listen later or save them. If you want, you can listen to live broadcasts in HD broadcast quality. The app also offers over 5 million podcasts. You can use the search panel of the radio to reach the previously recorded broadcasts as quickly as possible.

Carnival Radio

  • Point: 3.5
  • Developer: Carnival Media Labs

Carnival Radio is an application that includes especially big radio channels. In this application, you can find global and local radios, as well as listen to their own broadcasts as podcasts. At the same time, the application provides instant news updates. Here you can follow the news according to your interests. You can prepare a reminder for your favorite channels. In this way, you will be notified when the broadcast is about to start. You can access the unique channels of the Carnival broadcast group, as well as alternative broadcasts.

Heart Radio App

Heart Radio App

  • Point: 3.8
  • Developer: Global Media & Entertainment

Especially saving on mobile data which is Heart Radio Apppresents a very practical study on this subject. You can easily listen to new broadcasts presented with a unique design. This app is especially nostalgia lovers offers series for To the nostalgia radios you can access it quickly and listen to high quality nostalgia broadcasts. You can access the periodic podcasts offered exclusively to the Heart Radio App.

Radio Tower

Radio Tower

  • Point: 4.8
  • Developer: Blue Tower.

Remembering with its name and supporting local channels Radio Tower, offers broadcast according to your mood. According to your current mood pop or arabesque You can listen to music. Alternatively rap or r&b You can also easily access publications. Up-to-date versions of new radio broadcasts and music charts immediately with the Radio Tower reach. Whichever style you like, we can say that a list awaits you. In addition, if you are interested in different music, radios are perfect for new discoveries.



  • Point: 4.6
  • Developer: AccuRadio

Especially during radio broadcasts. If you don’t like chats this program is for you. Thanks to its channels designed for more than 50 different genres music for free You can listen. Conversations on radio broadcasts for broadcasts where you can focus directly on music without listening Battery Radio cut out With this app you can discover an artist you’ve never heard of.