8 Free Android Games and Applications for a Short Time

Google Play Store discounts offered to users for free games and applications we share with you in this week's section of our article with 8 free games and applications. Let's take a closer look at this week's free games and applications.

The fact that the smartphone users need or want to get paid is upsetting the users from time to time or causes the users to turn to alternative applications. In this case, the desired performance cannot be achieved. Application stores for a short period of time and end-user is more than satisfied with the opportunities, today we are with the Android side. Let's get to our list in no time.

1. iCamera Best Selfie & Panorama Camera HD

Normal Price: $ 18.99

With a simple interface and a seamless user experience, this carefully designed application lets you do everything you expect from a camera application. From taking HDR photos to Timelapse videos, you can do everything with iCamera.

  • iCamera – Best Selfie & Panorama Camera HDDOWNLOAD

2. Calmly Writing Notepad Pro

Normal Price: $ 10.99

Calmly Writing Notepad Pro is a note-taking app that can be used simply because of its interface, giving you a quick and simple note-taking experience when you write your notes, emails, messages and more.

  • Calmly Writing Notepad ProDOWNLOAD

3. Mydolist: Daily Checklist Pro

Normal Price: $ 10.99

Mydolist: Daily Checklist Pro is a simple and fast checklist maker to plan your daily tasks. You can edit your task list in a simple way, and you won't have to deal with complex details when doing these tasks. In addition, because the application works without the need for internet, your data will be stored completely safe.

  • Mydolist: Daily Checklist ProDOWNLOAD

4. Cubes

Normal Price: $ 6.79

The object of the game is to complete the picture that appears with moving cubes. The first levels of the game are very simple, so you can easily understand the logic of the game, but we can't say the same for later.

5. Hexasmash 2

Normal Price: $ 1.99

This platform puzzle game features portals, TNT explosives, time bombs, magnets and more to help you solve puzzles.

  • Hexasmash 2 – Physics Ball Shooter PuzzleDOWNLOAD

6. Night Survivor PRO

Normal Price: $ 10.99

This is a kind of survival, adventure game with 5 different zombie species and more than 28 different levels. In the game after the zombie apocalypse in the world with a backpack and a map you give life to someone who is alone. Your adventure begins with the reception of a radio signal from a survivor who thinks he is alone.

  • Night Survivor ProDOWNLOAD

7. Merge Battle Plane Pro

Normal Price: $ 10.99

An exciting game for fans of spaceships, planes, galactic warfare and adventures, Merge Battle Plane is a game where we manage, develop, and fight at the right time.

  • Merge Battle Planes PRODOWNLOAD

8. A Dark Dragon

Normal Price: $ 10.99

You set up your own village in the game and try to protect your people from disease. A Dark Dragon is a game that is open to character development, but it is also dark and difficult.

  • A Dark Dragon VIPDOWNLOAD

You can download and use any of the free apps and games for Android for a short time. Remember that once you download an application, you can use it for free for life. Free games and applications will continue to share with you in the coming days. Stay tuned to avoid missing.