8 Free Android Games & Apps

The apps and games in the Google Play Store regularly receive discounts for a short period or become free for a short period of time. In this article, there are two applications and six games that you can download for free for a short period.

We've included some of the games and apps that have become free for a short time this week in Android's app store Play Store. If you are looking for a new game to play or new apps that will make a difference on your phone, you can give them a chance. Let's get to our list in no time.

1. Unit Converter Pro

Unit Converter Pro

Normal price: $ 2.19

The application, where you can convert units in 18 different categories including speed, density, temperature and mass, is especially useful for students.

2. Battery Bar

Normal price: $ 0.89

With the Battery Bar app, you can customize the color of the power bar, the percentage of the battery, the position of the battery bar, the color line, and more.

3. That Level Logic

Normal price: $ 6.39

In That Level Logic, a puzzle-type game, you can solve increasingly difficult puzzles in different ways each time.

4. Hills Legend

Hills Legend

Normal price: $ 1.39

If you are one of those who love horror and action games, you can also give Hills Legend a chance to use it for free.

5. Heroes Defender Fantasy

Normal price: $ 1.69

If you like tower defense games, you can try Heroes Defender Fantasy. Moreover, since the game is a Pro version of the game 10 jewels, 10 thousand gold and you can start with the character Lina. In addition, the game will not encounter ads.

6. WordMix

Normal price: $ 9

If you like word and puzzle games you can take a look at WordMix'te English as well as Turkish puzzles are available.

7. Make One

Normal price: $ 5.69

The third prize in PGC London 2019, the bronze medal in GIGDC 2018, is a simple puzzle game.

8. Heroes of Idle Hell

Normal price: $ 6.39

In Idle Heroes of Hell, which belongs to a genre called "Clicker" you will endeavor to become the king of hell. You can download Idle Heroes of Hell, a game where you can enjoy your short-term free time from the link below.

This week's free games and applications have come to the end of our article. In the store you can share your favorite apps that have come to your attention or are free from the comments section. Stay tuned to be informed of free game and application opportunities.