8 Free Sound Editing Software Alternatives to Adobe Audition

After Logic Pro X, which was sold for 1.899 TL and Adobe Audition, which was offered to users for 136 TL per month, it was inevitable that people who did not gain from sound editing and music making activities turned to alternative applications. However, there are still successful and free alternatives such as Audacity, GarageBand and Ocenaudio.

Audio editing programs, which are used both professionally and amateur, in many fields such as music, games and cinema, can vary according to the purpose and level. Adobe Audition and Logic Pro X are at the top of these applications, which are offered to users with expectations such as sound cleaning, multi-channel operation and similar expectations.

Unfortunately, these popular applications are sold at very high prices in our country, so users are looking for an alternative regardless of their level of operation. When the prices are so high, it becomes essential for those who do not make money from this business to have application alternatives that offer both sufficient working space and are free. In our article Adobe AuditionWe will talk about 8 alternative applications to.

Alternatives to Adobe Audition:

  • Audacity
  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Ocenaudio
  • Reaper
  • Ableton Live
  • GarageBand
  • Ardour
  • AVS Audio Editor



Audacity, which is a very successful program for 16 and 24 bit audio recordings, has some features that stand out from other applications in this field. While working with Audacity, you can convert each audio file you import into different formats within seconds and work on them in a multi-channel manner. If you are looking for an audio editing program with minimum system requirements, you can choose Audacity.

Avid Pro Tools:

Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools, which allows recording up to 64 bit levels, is the preferred program for professional level audio editing for music, movies and games. You have to pay $ 400 for the most equipped version of Avid Pro Tools, which is available in both paid and free versions. This means that the Logic Pro X has a much more affordable price tag compared to Logic Pro X.



Ocenaudio, which has an easy-to-understand interface, is one of the top applications on our list because it is completely free. The disadvantage of Ocenaudio is that it is not an open source application. The fact that the application is completely free and can reflect the changes in the project instantly can be superior to being closed source.



Reaper, which has an interface suitable for customization, has buttons in this interface that help instant interventions. Reaper, which can record many channels differently between the channels used, supports files with VST, VST3, AU, DirectX and JS extensions. The commercial version of the Reaper, which is $ 225, is available for a single user version with a discount for $ 60.

Ableton Live:

Ableton Live

Ableton Live, which is a very successful application to correct the disturbances in the rhythm and vibration of the audio files used, is not one of the best alternatives, but can be used in the absence of Adobe Audition. The biggest disadvantage of the application is that the projects cannot be previewed.



GarageBand, the second application of our list developed by Apple, is a very successful alternative for iOS users who want to make music on mobile devices. GarageBand, which may be sufficient for beginner and intermediate level, may not be satisfactory for professional work. IOS users looking to make instrument-dependent sound edits can check out GarageBand, which is completely free.



Ardor, one of the open source alternatives of our list, can give users what they are looking for with virtual instrument packages. Ardor, which is very popular among users looking for alternatives thanks to its developable structure, offers a trial version for all features, although it includes some paid packages.

AVS Audio Editor:


If you are looking for an introductory and intermediate program, you can get what you expect from AVS Audio Editor. AVS Audio Editor, which has the ability to edit and process multiple audio files at the same time, contains more than 20 filters and effects. Although it is not a professional program, AVS Audio Editor is also available in a paid version, and its indefinite package is sold with a price tag of $ 60.

In this article Adobe Audition 8 programs that can be an alternative to the program we handled. Share the programs you use for audio editing as a comment. don’t forget.