8 March Sharing of Burger King is on the Agenda


The sharing of March 8 Women’s Day on the Twitter account of Burger King, a US-based fast-food restaurant chain, became the agenda on the social media. The sharing that the company made an eye out when trying to make an eyebrow drew reaction.

March 8, every year in the world ‘International Working Women’s Day’ celebrated as. This special day, declared by the United Nations and defending the rights, law and freedom of women on the basis of human rights, is celebrated with various events in many different countries of the world. Many authorities and companies even support messages publishes.

One of these companies that publishes a support message for Women’s Day is the famous fast-food restaurant chain. Burger King’di. However, when the company included some “word games” in its post on its UK Twitter account, attracted the reaction of social media. This sharing of Burger King also fell into the language of one of its biggest competitors, KFC.

Burger King’s 8 March Women’s Day share that garnered reaction:

Burger King March 8 share

First from Twitter account “Women belong to the kitchen” Making a written post, Burger King suddenly attracted all the attention. The company will later transmit the message in question. the low proportion of women in the industry He made another post showing that it was made to attract attention, but still could not escape the reactions.

Burger King, “Women belong to the kitchen” your share his second immediately after on share “Of course, if they want. Still, only 20% of the cooks are women. We are on a mission to change the gender ratio in the restaurant industry by empowering female employees with the opportunity to pursue a culinary career.” used the expressions.

The company will then help female Burger King employees pursue their culinary dreams. a new scholarship program announced that they had started.

A response to Burger King came from the troublemaker KFC:

KFC's response to Burger King's post

Two fast-food giants quarreling with each other from social media accounts from time to time Burger King and KFCFaced off again after Burger King’s March 8 sharing. Burger King’s “Women belong to the kitchen” to share ‘KFC Gaming’ The response from his account included the following statements: “The best time to delete this post was right after posting. The second best time is now.”

The bickering between the two companies was not limited to this. Responding to this post by KFC, Burger King asked why they should delete such a tweet, drawing attention to the scarcity of women in the sector, and That they will agree with KFC stated that they were thinking.

Reactions to Burger King’s March 8 post:

I will not eat in your shop again, thank you.

Okay, I understand your message and this is a great mission, but the way to do it was not this first tweet.

Of course, if you were a Michelin starred restaurant. But women want more than just cook burgers!

You must add this one line to the original post. It doesn’t work as you imagine it because people won’t be looking at the second tweet. Good try, though.