8 Player Equipment Suggestions with a Price Below 100 TL


Today, we recommended 8 player equipment, the lowest being 34 TL and the highest being 97 TL. These equipment are equipments that will make you say “I am a player” with their illuminated designs, which attract attention in terms of price and performance.

As with many technological devices, player equipment is also It is getting more expensive every day. Many products that we could buy for less than 100 TL in the past are now sold at much higher prices. Of course, many game enthusiasts struggle with these deterrent prices while setting up their dream computer.

Today, as a result of our deep research on the internet, We will list the player equipment that has managed to get good comments and sold for less than 100 TL. Remember that these equipment are “price-performance” products. Of course, a product sold for 1000 TL and the products listed here will not be of the same quality, but I think it will meet your needs in many ways. Without further ado, I am taking you directly to our list.

Player equipment you can buy for less than 100 TL

PolyGold PG-959 K9 Illuminated gaming keyboard:

Polygold keyboard

PolyGold’s gaming keyboard PG-959 K9is a mechanical feel keyboard built on a steel case. The keyboard, which also has RGB lighting, will also please you in terms of appearance. To the product page from here you can reach.

Everest Rampage RAGE-X2 gaming mouse:

Everest gamer mouse

One of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to affordable player equipment Everest’in Rampage this mouse from the series, 6400 DPI It comes with a rate of precision. In addition to its adolescent design, the RAGE-X2, which is a suitable mouse for gamers with its many keys, represents your gaming system in a very stylish way with its RGB lighting. To the product page from here you can reach.

Snopy Rampage Sn-r9 gaming headset with microphone:

Snopy Rampage gaming headset

Snopy’s affordable gaming headset Sn-R9, It will be very useful when playing games with your friends. The microphone of the headset, where you can comfortably speak, also allows you to play games such as PUBG and CS: GO with your friends. To the product page from here you can reach.

Hands Gamer Mousepad:


  • Price: 34.90 TL – 74.90 TL

One of the essentials of a gaming computer, each of them has ambitious design visuals. mousepadler income. Porge’s player mousepads come in many different designs and in 4 different widths. To the product page from here you can reach.

Xtrike Me GM-512:

Xtrike gaming mouse

One of the first peripherals that comes to mind when it comes to player equipment is the mouse. Xtrike’s mouse can also come to your rescue, especially in these days when we are entering into hot days. GM-512, which has a sensitivity of 6400 DPI, prevents sweating with its perforated design on the top. In addition, RGB lighting makes the mouse look much more stylish. To the product page from here you can reach.

Fortrek Gaming Mousepad:


Apart from our mousepad list above, another mousepad suggestion is with the world map on it. It will be Fortrek Gaming Mousepad with the dimensions of 90 x 40 cm.. Since I had the chance to experience it myself, its beneficial structure in terms of dominance over the countries and its large size and high quality print made you feel the need to recommend this mousepad. To the product page from here you can reach.

USB Laser portable Led animation amusement lamp:


When you collect the player system, the area where you use this system must prove that the game is played there. Especially LED lights are very successful in this regard. I don’t know why, but most of the players enjoy it. USB powered laser USB animation lamp on the other hand, it can improve the quality of the area you play. You can take a look at this little appliance that will change the whole ambiance of your room. To the product page from here you can reach.


14 Player Equipment You Can Buy for Under 200 TL

Electra Vencci 4 fans 10 “- 15” Gaming notebook cooler:


If you are trying to restrain your gamer spirit with a laptop, you may complain that your computer is overheating these days as we enter the summer months. What we suggest you in this regard is a notebook cooler. Working with 4 small fans, this cooler seems to increase the pleasure of playing games on your laptop. To the product page from here you can reach.