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Key figures on email marketing can be automatically collected and analyzed with the help of email marketing software. How the results are to be assessed can be linked to one’s own goals or clarified with the help of benchmark studies. The latter provide good pointers, but are not generally applicable. There is no such thing Benchmarks in email marketing, which is why every company should monitor its KPIs over time and check the impact of adjustments. Around Open and click rates of mailings and newsletters, marketers should implement the following eight requirements.

1. Email marketing: Segmented mailing lists

Relevance is a key success factor in email marketing. No wonder with the growing flood of emails and information! The right content is required so that a mailing or newsletter does not immediately disappear in the virtual trash. The longer and more diverse the recipient list, the more recommendable segmentation is. With modern email marketing solutions like Evalanche the contacts for each e-mail or newsletter dispatch can be segmented automatically so that each recipient only receives the content that interests him. Because then the click rates also increase.

2. The perfect subject line

Next to the sender, the subject line is the first that a recipient sees. In this way, it has a decisive influence on whether an email is opened or not. The subject of mailings and newsletters should therefore arouse curiosity, be short and concise as well as useful. With the help of the pre-header, which many e-mail clients display in the preview, the subject line can be cleverly expanded to include additional information. However, terms such as “free” or “free” are taboo, otherwise the email will end up in the spam folder. In addition, the subject line should arouse curiosity, but not promise anything that the email itself or the sender cannot deliver.

3. Email marketing: personalized approach

Personalization is a hotly debated topic in email marketing. First and foremost, one thing counts: The data required to personalize must first be collected – either through web forms or tracking. Either way, the recipient’s consent is required. If he has given this, nothing speaks against addressing him by name in an email – as error-free as possible. Ultimately, however, it is always the content that has to suit the recipient. If an email really speaks to the recipient, personalization can also lead to higher click rates.

4. Email Marketing: Choose a reponsive design

The design should also be appealing – ideally in the corporate design in order to be recognizable. The clearer the layout of the mailing or newsletter, the easier it is for the recipients to find their way around and know where to click. It is therefore advisable not to overload the layout and rather to link to further information. It is also important that the e-mails are displayed optimally on all devices, including mobile devices. With email marketing software, the responsive design can be displayed for the various devices via a preview function. An integrated webview link also allows you to open every email in the browser view.

5. Eye-catching images as well as video and audio formats

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In addition, suitable images attract the recipient’s attention to the respective content and thus lead to higher click rates than pure text mailings. Images and graphics should reflect the company’s corporate identity. Large-format images that visually underline the content are best. The ratio is optimal: two thirds of text, one third of images. Attractive preview images for linked video or audio content also ensure good click rates.

6. Interaction and information through links

Speaking of linking: Links are a good way of offering the recipient further information or directing them to their destination – for example the online shop or the contact form. Readers can immediately share the content with their community via integrated social media icons. With this, companies not only increase their click rates in emails, but also the interaction rates in social networks. In addition, they can easily track the clicks of all links with email marketing software and thus draw conclusions about which content, formats and channels appeal to the recipients the most.

7. Email Marketing: Call-to-Action for Every Email

As great as the potential of links is to increase the click rate, caution is advised: A too large selection of click options can lead to excessive demands on the recipient, so that he / she may not click anything at all. It is therefore important to check carefully what the goal of an e-mail is. If it is a newsletter, there may well be several links. In the case of a mailing that is intended to encourage content downloading or to register for an event, less is more: In such cases, there should only be a single, clear call-to-action at the end of the mailing: “Find out more!”, ” Register! ”,“ Download the e-book now for free! ”. Conspicuous buttons, which, unlike images, do not have to be loaded in the e-mail client, give the call to action even more emphasis and additionally increase the click rates.

8. Email Marketing: Perform and evaluate A / B tests

Classic A / B tests, also known as split tests, are a valuable tool on the way to the perfect mailing or newsletter. They allow e-mail elements, such as the subject line, the content or the call-to-action, to be varied and compared with one another based on the click rates achieved. This is how companies determine which mailing variant is best received by the recipient. A / B tests can be carried out and evaluated automatically with email marketing software.

Regular monitoring of the KPIs from email marketing not only helps to continuously improve mailings and newsletters for the recipients. It also provides important insights into which adaptations work very well and which only to a limited extent. The subject lines, the posts or call-to-actions with the highest click rates are for orientation: companies should therefore use the most successful measures as a template for incoming e-mails. The free e-book provides even more exciting practical tips “Successful e-mail marketing in B2B”.

SC-Networks Philipp
Martin Philipp is the managing director of SC-Networks GmbH. (Image: Frank Beer)

About the author: Martin Philipp has more than 20 years of experience in online marketing and digital sales of sophisticated products and solutions that require explanation. He is one of the managing directors of SC-Networks GmbH, Provider of the “Made in Germany” marketing automation platform Evalanche and responsible for new customer acquisition and customer enthusiasm.

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