8 Technology Wonders Celebrating Their 20s

The foundations of many of the technological products we use frequently today were laid in the 1990s and 2000s. Although the point where game consoles, phones and media players are far from their basics, these innovative products are engraved in the memory of billions of people. We have listed 8 unforgettable products that are among the first blessings of the technology age.

From the 20th century, almost every 10 years, inventions have emerged that will overtake technology. Thanks to the evolution of these inventions that have caused great changes in fields such as medicine, communication, security and entertainment, today we have technological products that were previously unimaginable. Coming to the 2000s, the pace of these inventions increased and they never stopped accelerating. Today, we owe many things that we get help with in our daily lives to the technologies invented in these times.

Many inventions that could not be predicted by society even a month before they were invented, are now Celebrating his 20s. While some of us remember these products from our youth and childhood, some of us can only recognize their current form. It is up to us to commemorate these milestones in the early 2020s. Here are 8 technological products that left their mark on their period:

Accidentally found webcam, 1991


The webcam is a widely used computer accessory today. In fact, as the pandemic started and distance education became inevitable, almost every student had to buy a webcam. These webcams today can be produced to cover a very small portion of a laptop’s screen. However, this was not always the case: Dr. Paul Jardetzky and Dr. Martyn Johnson during his research placed a camera on the table to check their coffee. Researchers who want to check the coffee when it’s not there, wrote a code to access the camera’s footage live. Thus, the foundation of the webcams we know today was laid.

First smartphone IBM Simon, 1994

ibm simon


World’s First Smartphone 15 Years Before iPhone: Simon

Although smart phones, which are an indispensable part of our lives, started to spread towards the 2010s, the first examples did not appear at this time. Pocket computer The first phone with features was launched in 1994. IBM Simon, which even has several applications, is also a touch screen there was also.

PlayStation 1 bringing the renaissance in video games, 1996

playstation 1

Nintendo and Sega’s suddenly spawned and became legendary during the years he ruled the gaming industry 32 bit game console; Tomb Raider, Driver, GTA, Crash Bandicoot and Great tourism It was the first console to introduce many cult series such as players. Standing out with its CD reader and futuristic design, PlayStation 1 was adopted by the whole world in a short time.

DVD players that smart televisions and broadcast platforms make history, 1996

dvd player

Toshiba Science Museum According to the world’s first DVD player was designed in 1994 and debuted in 1996. Using DVD starting with the Toshiba SD-3000 is VHS tape usage was forgotten in a short time.

Another product that makes tapes forget, MP3 player, 1998

mp3 player

The success of Walkmans, which people put on their trousers and listen to, was quite great and these products were used for many years. But of course a new product has emerged that makes him forget it too: MP3 player. These lightweight devices that fit easily in the pocket, no cassette or CD He ruled the 2000s because he was able to listen to music without necessity.

First selfie camera, 2000

kyocera vp-210

Although the idea of ​​placing a camera in front of phones has also been widespread in the last 10 years, examples of this have not emerged in these times. The world’s first selfie camera is embedded in the Kyocera VP-210. According to some claims, this phone is not only the world’s first selfie camera phone, but also the first camera phone. But According to Samsung, the world’s first camera phone developed was the SCH-V200, released in 2000..

First non-human copilot: GPS, 2000


Until the first GPS exit, paper maps were looked at while driving, and most of all, pedestrians were asked about the road. GPS devices, which were first introduced in 2000, are even available in phones today, and they are much more useful.

Where from where: First iPod, 2001

ipod 2000

Today, the smartphone brand preferred by a large part of the world, iPhone was founded with an innovative MP3 player design. Touch wheel and With 10 GB memory Offering a brand new interface to music lovers, iPod, led to the creation of the first iPhone in 2007 with the models it released over the years..

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