9 Tips to Boost Your Keyboard Speed


Keyboard speed tests have become very popular these days. Most people choose sites like to test their keyboard speed and try to beat their own word-per-minute record. People who can’t get the result they want are looking for tips to increase the keyboard speed. Here in this article, we tell you 9 tips that will increase your keyboard speed.

Today, we need to write in almost every aspect of a standard computer use. The use of the keyboard is very important for us to reach the things we are looking for. In order to save time or to reach the desired information in a short time, it is necessary to write fast.

Because of this keyboard speed increase is of great importance. The keyboard skill, which basically develops simultaneously with computer use, can become much better with critical tips. If you carefully follow the tips that we will talk about in our article, you may be able to write fast in a much shorter time.

keyboard speed

Tips for better results in keyboard speed test:

  • Preferably use F Keyboard
  • Don’t Forget the 10 Finger Techniques
  • Choose keyboards with a high level of typing comfort
  • Pay attention to your sitting position
  • Position your fingers well
  • Use messaging apps on PC
  • Take your time
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  • practice a lot

Preferably use F Keyboard:

f keyboard

Especially if you are going to do tests in Turkish or if typing in English is not a big part of your life, using the F keyboard will help you. Although the rate of Q keyboard usage is much higher in Turkey and the rest of the world, F keyboards are designed for Turkish.

F keyboard has a layout designed for fast Turkish typing. The most used letters are listed in the middle section. The remaining letters are pushed to the side sections and it is aimed to speed up the user during writing. Today, almost all of the record holders in Turkish speed tests using the F keyboard broke this record.

Don’t Forget the 10 Finger Techniques:

10 fingers

You must have heard the term using a 10 finger keyboard. For fast typing 10 finger keyboard usage It is important. The F keyboard, which we mentioned above, is the most suitable keyboard for 10 finger use. Basically, using a 10 finger keyboard is a technique of using all fingers on the keyboard and not looking at the keyboard while typing. Thus, it becomes possible to write much faster by using your muscle memory. Determining the position of the fingers is very important and we will touch on this in the following articles.

Choose keyboards with a high level of typing comfort:

typing keyboard

Although it is not a very thoughtful issue, the type of keyboard used after the keyboard layout is also very important. Not every keyboard and switch is designed for typing. For example, Red and Blue switches are mostly used especially in acting. Although the gaming experiences and the sounds they make satisfy the user, writing with these switches is not the best option.

One of the most successful switch types for writing Brown switchtir. Cherry MX Brown It has been introduced as one of the most suitable switches for writing in switch reviews and promotions. The movement force being 45 cN provides a very comfortable use. The fact that it does not make a very loud noise also makes this switch stand out compared to other types. It is useful to choose the most suitable keyboard type by taking a look at the user experiences and researches with a suitable research.

Pay attention to your sitting position:

sitting position

So far, we have given the keyboard layout, usage technique and keyboard type tips. In order to get maximum efficiency from these tips, we need a suitable sitting position. Sit upright and keep your back straight. Between you and the screen 45-70 cm distance is sufficient. Don’t put your weight on your wrists and your arm angle should be at the angle where you will have the least difficulty. Bending the elbows too much or less will not be both physically harmful and suitable for writing comfort.

Position your fingers well:

finger position

Especially in advanced levels, it is very important to determine the position of the fingers correctly, since you will be writing using your muscle memory completely. If the position is correct in the use of 10 fingers, you will be much more comfortable. your fingers on the keyboard A, S, D, F; J, K, L, Ş It should be on the keys and you need to use the space key with your thumbs. If your fingers are on the F keyboard U, İ, E, A; K, M, L, Y should be on the keys. Your thumbs will be used in the same way on the space key. When you make the appropriate placements in these positions, you can quickly improve in the 10 finger keyboard technique.

Use messaging apps on PC:

messaging apps

Messaging applications are applications that will greatly affect your typing speed. We usually make these applications on smartphones or mobile devices and do not use a physical keyboard. As it will affect your speed on the phone keyboard, if you use these applications If you use it on PC It will also affect your physical keyboard speed. If you take care to use Whatsapp, Instagram DM, Twitter and many more applications on PC, you will have a lot of writing practice.

Take your time:

take your time

If you’re just at the beginning, don’t rush and try to type too fast. Try typing at the best possible speed and don’t miss the dose. While making mistakes is not a bad thing, writing completely meaningless and irrelevant words will not improve you. Writing error-free is just as important as making mistakes. So take it slow and try improving your muscle memory first. If you started typing without looking at the keyboard, aim for slow to fast progress. Gradually increase your speed during this process.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes:

make a mistake

We said do not rush in the previous article, but you should not be afraid of making mistakes. It is quite possible that you will make mistakes in the fast writing process. Over time, these typos will be corrected. All you have to do is accelerate gradually at the best possible pace and move forward without worrying about your little mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and at the same time, do not rush to miss the dose.

Get lots of practice:


Practicing is the foundation of the development process in any subject. Without practice, you cannot become an expert in a subject or lose your ability in the subjects you are an expert in. All the previous items consist of extra tips to speed up the process. Since everything is based on practice, the more you write and use the extra tips, the more successful you will be in the process. Not giving up is also very important. without giving up lots of practice If you do, you will definitely increase your keyboard speed. To use a fast keyboard, you can use some keyboard speed test sites every day and practice. The most famous of these sites 10fastfingers’a here access by clicking.

You can increase your keyboard speed with these tips. You can also make your own in the comments section. DKS(words per minute) You can also indicate your value and share your own tips. In addition, you can find detailed information about using a 10 finger keyboard and keyboard speed sites by clicking here in our related article.