90% of Tesla Model 3 Users Trust the Autopilot


Tesla's most controversial feature, the Autopilot, seems to have largely gained the trust of drivers. According to Bloomberg's survey, 90% of Tesla Model 3 users rely on the system.

Even though the Autopilot feature in Tesla vehicles is subject to criticism, users seem to feel safer with this system. According to a survey by Bloomberg that we have already shared some of its results with you. 5,000 Tesla Model 3 90% of the user, they rely on Otopilot'a vehicles.

Car owners participating in the survey, Tesla cars feature 4.43 out of 5 gave this feature. In addition, 61% of the participants were informed about the security of the system. "Very satisfactory " replied. 1% of the participants "A small amount of" or "HThe interior is not satisfactory " replied.

Few users think that the Autopilot is risking the driving experience:

tesla model 3 autopilot

Autopilot found in vehicles, such as changing lanes and moving on the roads of the roads received lower scores. In addition, 28% of the respondents stated that Tesla Autopilot was he saved However, on the contrary, 13% of the put it He was passed.

The respondents were asked to Smart Summon named, also evaluated the system that transports the vehicle to the parked vehicle. 70% of the respondents stated that handy 75% said the system had good navigation and 41% said the feature was sufficient for the average driver.


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But why is there so much criticism when everyone is so pleased with Tesla's system? Tesla says that while the Autopilot is on, drivers need to keep their hands on the wheel and focus on the road, but some of the critics of the system think that the human brain is in the hands of a computer. can not stay focused The report says.

Tesla insists they make safer driving with the Autopilot. In fact, Tesla also shared data showing that it had less accident rates than any other car involved in accidents in the United States. Bloomberg's survey also supported Tesla's views evidence was plowed in front of us.