90,000 number abuse complaints | heise online

This year, the Federal Network Agency had received 88,541 written complaints and inquiries about phone number misuse by December 15. The supervisory authority expects that there will be a total of over 90,000 in 2020. In 2019, the agency had received 125,000 written complaints and inquiries about number abuse.

More than 25,000 entries this year concerned annoying call attempts and unsolicited fax advertisements, announced the Federal Network Agency. She reported a significant decrease in complaints in the area of ​​ping calls: after more than 31,000 in the previous year, the Federal Network Agency has so far received around 6,500 complaints. In the case of ping calls, it only rings briefly on your own cell phone, whereupon the called parties sometimes reflexively call back – and then end up abroad and have to pay high fees.

The number of complaints about third-party services in mobile communications has also decreased to around 25 complaints per month – that is a third of the previous year’s average. This is where the special requirements for paying via the mobile phone bill came into force in February of this year.

In order to combat the misuse of phone numbers, the Federal Network Agency has shut down a good 700 phone numbers and issued billing and collection bans for around 5500 phone numbers. In particular in hacking cases, unauthorized payments were delayed to a considerable extent.

The Federal Network Agency was unable to determine the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the number of complaints. She intervened in cases in which consumers who wanted to cancel flights or holiday accommodation were put on illegal, expensive holding loops.


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