95 Million Dollars Fund Left for Technological Impact

The effects of technology on children are being investigated through many studies. A new one was added to the congresses that were built before.

Colorado senator Michael Bennet put a law in the National Institutes of Health that would pay $ 95 million to investigate the impact of technology on infants, children and young people. The Children and Media Research Progress Law, or CAMRA for short, will be used to investigate how children are affected by things such as money, mobile devices, social media and virtual reality distributed over the next five years.


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Congress wants to spend $ 95 million to investigate how gadgets and social media are affecting children. In fact, this work is not new. In 2004, Joseph Lieberman wanted to investigate the influence of electronic media on young people. The same thing was redesigned a few months ago when Steve Jobs took the iPhone to market in 2007. Now everyone seems to have an iPhone in their pocket. Parents allow their 2-year-old children to use iPads for distraction. People have great anxiety about young people who are exposed to screens and social media.


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The bill allocated funds to the National Institutes of Health to investigate the impact of technology and media on infants and young adults. This includes mobile devices, computers, social media, applications, web sites, TV, movies, artificial intelligence, video games and virtual and enhanced reality. So many children are addicted to technology and companies are forced to apologize for it. Parents are no longer taking the right steps to use children's technology. So, perhaps in the meantime, this law can shed light on the impact of technology on children and the need to do more to help children.