9GAG’s Memorable ‘Meme’ Doge Sold for $4M

Famous photo of ‘Doge’, one of the most memorable ‘memes’ of the internet, with a popular crypto currency named; Sold at a record price at auction. The photo, which was sold for 4 million dollars after waiting on sale for 3 days, became the highest ‘meme’ sale made via NFT.

What we can no longer talk about with the expressions of ‘NFT madness’, which is becoming more and more normal day by day NFT A new record has been set for purchases. NFT sales, in which many videos, ‘memes’, tweets and similar ‘works’ find buyers; so far sell the highest priced ‘breast’ he saw.

celebrities of the 2010s 9GAG of deer’Doge’nin photo, Sold for $4 million via NFT. Famous for its reluctant smile-like expression, the shiba inu dog once again came to the fore as the ‘breast’ sold at the highest price.

‘Doge’ photograph sells for $4 million at auction


Doge is a name that has not fallen off the agenda lately. The crypto money issued in his name has earned his investors tens of times the money they have invested. Elon Musk’s spirit animal The dog, which has become the subject, came to the fore this time by causing the biggest NFT sale.

The photograph, titled ‘Doge’, was auctioned on Friday. A person whose real name is unknown, whose Twitter name is PleasrDAO, transfer the rights to the photo to 1,696.9 Ethereum; so he bought it for about 4 million 100 thousand dollars. The money belongs to the original owner of the photo, a Japanese kindergarten teacher. Atsuko Sato’ya gone. digital auction site Zora’da Doge was on sale for 3 days before being sold for $4 million.

How did the Doge become famous?



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Photographed by the owner in 2010KabosuThe dog named ‘ gained popularity on 9GAG, one of the most famous social media platforms of the time, in 2013. First time Uploaded to Reddit in 2010 photo began to be used in ‘memes’ denoting ‘fake surprise’ in 9GAG. The Shiba inu breed Kabosu has become one of 9GAG’s most memorable trends and has managed to endure to this day. His cryptocurrency has been so embraced by one of the richest people in the world that we will likely continue to see him frequently in the years to come.