A Battery For Tesla That Can Work For 20 Years

According to a Tesla researcher, the next generation Tesla vehicles will feature a battery that can run smoothly for 20 years and can be recharged safely 6,000 times.

Last April, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla wants to take a fully autonomous drive and to start a başlat robotaxy si fleet. Elecktreck stated that batteries cannot help autonomous driving, but at least make robotaxies more economical.

Now, battery developers working for electric car manufacturer Tesla, the CEO of Elon Musk, announced that they have developed a battery pack that can power the car for 1 million 600 thousand kilometers and significantly reduce air pollution.

Prototype batteries can be charged up to 6,000 times:


Dalhousie University researchers have worked for the past 3 years for the research published in the journal of the Electrochemistry Association last Friday. As a result of this, they are testing a new lithium-ion battery that can be recharged reliably up to 6,000 times.

The team says the battery can be recharged about 4,000 times, even in extreme temperature conditions. Therefore, even if the ideal distance has not yet been measured, it is still more than 1.5 million kilometers. Regardless of the distance, we can say that new systems will enable future Tesla vehicles to run for years.


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These batteries, which are said to have a shelf life of 20 years, can cover more than 1.5 million kilometers. Of course, it may seem quite long to hold a car, but when it comes to Tesla, everything is expected. This new technology is also expected to be developed in the future and to be used in new Tesla vehicles.