A comparison of five e-bikes for the city with smart features

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An e-bike becomes a smart bike: the bike keeps a record of the cadence, plans the route, sends a warning if thieves are tampering with the lock or notifies stored contacts if you have fallen.

We took a closer look at five clever bikes for the city. Including three spartan, lightweight models with a rear-wheel motor: the Ampler Curt, the Angell and the Cowboy 3. The chic VanMoof S3 is equipped with a front motor, the eye-catching powerhouse Canyon Precede: On CF 9 with a Bosch mid-motor. The drives range from low-maintenance singlespeeders (Angell, Cowboy 3) to chain switches (Ampler Curt) to encapsulated hub gears (Canyon Precede: On CF 9, VanMoof S3).

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Depending on the design, manufacturers can use lighter frames for pedelecs with hub motors, because in principle every frame fits and does not have to be designed for this as with the mid-motor. You can also see that: the four e-bikes with hub motors do not reveal themselves as such at first glance – above all the Ampler Curt. The motor sits inconspicuously in the rear wheel and can hardly be seen behind the 11-speed cassette, the battery is hidden in the slim frame. The e-bikes from Angell, Cowboy and VanMoof are hardly inferior to this, but are suspicious due to their futuristic frame designs. Canyon, on the other hand, doesn’t care about any restraint: The eye-catching mid-engine of the Precede: On is surrounded by a fat carbon frame – ostentatious, but not inconsistent.

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