A Driver Installed a Starlink Kit in His Vehicle


California traffic cops stopped a vehicle with a Starlink receiver on its hood because it was blocking the driver’s view. When the driver is asked if this receiver is blocking the view, his answer is not to please the cops.

Elon Musk’s Starlink We saw that the project excited many people. Elon Musk is working very hard for this project, which aims to provide internet from space to people staying in remote areas. The project is currently in open beta. more than 70 thousand by person in 12 different countries is experienced.

But this project has some much above normal seems excited. located in america Kaliforniya’dan We are here with a strange news. According to the information, a traffic police officer working on the highway had a vehicle placed on the hood of the vehicle. Starlink receiver he saw. The police, who later stopped the driver, also quoted the laws and explained to everyone why this is prohibited with a Facebook post.

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Starlink is too big for cars

Starlink Receiver

As we mentioned, while the traffic police were on duty on the California highway, kaputunda A Toyota Prius model vehicle with a Starlink receiver caught his attention. As you can see from the photo, this receiver highly large enough to prevent it.

When the police asked the driver if his vision was blocked, the driver replied, “Only when turning right” he replies. When asked why he did this, he said that they do not have internet in the vehicle and due to work states that they need it. to the driver traffic penalty The traffic police, who made a Facebook post after the cut off, quoted a few laws and said that is not legal and everything for safety declared that.


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Earlier, Elon Musk stated that Starlink will not be used in Tesla models because the terminal is for this. very big had stated. But in aircraft, on ships and in big trucks Said it could be used. $499 (approximately 4340 TL) In addition to the kit worth $99 per month (approximately 870 TL) You can share your thoughts about Starlink, which you need to pay, in the comments section.

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