A fashion company doubled its sales – eCommerce Magazin

Madeleine, founded in 1977, is a leading European fashion company targeting women aged 35+. The Madeleine collections offer exclusive high fashion, self-confident business fashion, basics that are easy to combine, trendy accessories and luxurious lingerie.

An analysis of previous campaigns made it clear that shopping is a very promising channel. Madeleine’s shopping campaigns were high-traffic and had high conversion rates. In order to use the potential in the shopping channel with the new possibilities of automation even more, Madeleine and the online and performance marketing agency ad agents GmbH decided to switch completely from regular Google Shopping to Smart Shopping Campaigns (SSC).

More reach and conversions thanks to smart shopping campaigns

In this format controlled by Smart Bidding, Google Shopping is combined with advertisements in the Google Display Network and dynamic remarketing. More reach and more conversions should be achieved in this way, as well as good profitability of the campaign.

In addition, the New Customer Acquisition Goal was activated in the smart shopping campaigns in order to increase the acquisition of new customers. As a result, new customers were weighted higher within the bidding strategy than existing customers.

One year after the start of the smart shopping campaigns, sales almost doubled year-on-year, although the budget used remained almost unchanged. Accordingly, the switch to smart shopping led to a significant improvement in profitability. The CPA (cost-per-acquisition) fell by 40 percent year-on-year, while the ROAS (return on advertising spend) rose by 97 percent.

“Thanks to Smart Shopping we were able to double our sales and improve the ROAS by almost 100%”

By activating the New Customer Acquisition Goal, the proportion of new customers in the Madeleine shopping campaigns was also increased.

Laura Gockel-Böhner, Online Marketing Manager E-Commerce at Madeleine emphasizes: “Last year we faced the challenge that our shopping activities stagnated. The use of smart shopping turned out to be very successful for us. Thanks to smart shopping, we were able to double our sales and at the same time improve the ROAS by almost 100%. ”

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