A father accidentally bought two planes for his son


A Saudi Arabian father, who wanted to buy a gift for his son's birthday, who was extremely interested in aviation, accidentally bought two airplanes for his son due to the English problem.

According to Sputnik, an unnamed businessman in the Saudi Arabian energy sector was investigating small aircraft models for the birthday of his son, known for his aviation enthusiasm. In the meantime, the business person who contacted Airbus and did not speak English well had some problems in the ordering process.

Business people talking about the order process, "They asked so many questions about the interior and exterior of the plane, and I thought they were making very precise scale models." used the phrase. Issued to him after order completion $ 365 million The man who does not suspect the value of the bill, "I was lost in all those currency conversations. I thought the amount was a bit high, but I found it reasonable." made a statement.


Two months after the end of the conversation, Airbus called the Saudi Arabian businessman and said that the planes were ready. Business people, "They asked me to fly, I thought it was a joke." used the phrase.


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Following the emergence of this misunderstanding, the Saudi Arabian businessman, who did not return the planes and actually bought them, gave one of the planes to his son and gave the other plane to his cousin.