A feeling of space: the pictures of the week (week 34)


Landscape shots are popular, everyone can photograph their own surroundings without expensive tools. But good landscape photography is more than documentary capture of the current situation. Only the right light, dramatic clouds and the right location turn a snapshot into an impressive picture.

Last week’s pictures of the day showed almost exclusively landscape shots, with the photographers in our gallery traveling from the Alps to the coast. Sometimes they had to put up with some hardship for their pictures. Michael Rasch, for example, who posted the picture of the day on Wednesday: “During our summer vacation in Sellin, I decided to photograph the pier with a beautiful morning sky. To do this, I used the photo technique to walk to the pier almost every morning before sunrise I was never the only photographer on site, so I didn’t look for a location directly from the front, but to the side so that I could take photos in peace. ”

The opening photo of this article by Kerstin Eckmann proves that it can also be more relaxed: “I found the photo while rummaging around in my photo archive; it was taken during a walk in Schleswig-Holstein’s Himmelmoor. It lived up to its name that evening , a bombastic sunset in dramatic colors almost photographed itself here. ”

“The moor has long been a place of rest for me – especially in the evenings or during the week when there are few people there. In the foreground we see the lake, which was flooded after the peat extraction was completed and is now home to many species of birds In certain places you can still see the remains of the birch trees growing there between the pillows made of rushes in the water. Unfortunately, peat is still being extracted in the rear area. Moors are so important for many unique animal and plant species and also for our climate. They are CO2- and water reservoirs, and we should urgently stop destroying them. Most of the moors have already disappeared. Let us hope that the last moors will be preserved for us and above all for nature. ”

All pictures of the day can be found in the following series of pictures.

Saturday: the taillights of the weekend

Captured atmospherically, Kai Hormann presents a moor landscape with a dramatic sky. (Photo: Kai Hormann)

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