A Hostess Warns Passengers About Headphones


According to Daily Express, a cabin crew warned passengers not to use the ‘free’ headsets. The airline companies said they did not clean the headphones sufficiently and stated that these accessories are at risk of catching various ear infections.

Airplane travels The things you can do to spend time are very limited. When this is the case, there is not much choice but to listen to music or watch something with the possibilities available. You can listen to music or watch movies headphones If you are using, there is no problem. So, is it safe to use the free headsets distributed on board?

According to the Daily Express news, a cabin crew, the headsets on the plane, which are offered ‘free’, are not new and ear infections he warned them not to use it because they run the risk of getting caught.

Earbuds that are cleaned and repackaged are at risk of infection:

After each use, the earbuds wrapped in plastic packaging look like new, but essentially passengers do not doubt that they are new. cleaned again It is packed said the hostess, said the cleaning process applied is not enough to remove the germs from all microbes.

According to the cabin crew, these headphones are cleaned and repacked after each use. ear infections grabbing risk carrying. Noting that the aircraft companies do not even change the sponges that come in contact with the ear, the attendant suggested that microbes may remain there and advised the passengers on the plane to remove their sponges after using the headphones.


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According to the attendant, the best thing to do in such situations is to not touch the accessories offered on the plane, which you do not know who used before you, and that you suspect its cleanness, and personal headphone use. Thus, you can minimize the risk of a possible infection and avoid unnecessary surprises in a simple plane journey.

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