A Life Program to Reverse Aging Has Been Developed

Scientists have developed a life program to reverse aging. The experiment, which was tried on 43 subjects and included elements such as nutrition and sleep, made the participants 3 years younger in 8 weeks. According to the researchers’ statements, no artificial support was provided during the experiment.

A new one has been added to the findings of delaying aging and even rejuvenation, which is a matter of curiosity for many. With changes in lifestyle and diet, scientists that the aging process can be reversed revealed.

As a result of the research, scientists DNA methylation by reversing the aging process of individuals through a process that will balance You can become 3 years younger in 8 weeks discovered. This chemical process, which turns the DNA clock back, It is also said to prevent chronic diseases..

3 years younger has been achieved with lifestyle changes:


Researchers for 8 weeks plant-based foods, regular sleep, exercise and additional probiotics developed a treatment program. in clinical trials 43 healthy men aged 50 to 72 He volunteered. The findings revealed that this life order significantly reduced the aging rate in cells.

Leader of the research Kara Fitzgeraldstated that the created life program targets the biological mechanism called DNA methylation, which is known as the main cause of aging. Researchers stated that no drug was used during the experiment; only changes made in choices in everyday life He says that he has brought the subjects to this conclusion.


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Believing that the findings will provide important new opportunities for both scientists and the public, scientists are on the same topic. a new experiment getting ready to perform. The test, which will be carried out in order to consolidate the findings, is waiting for participants to be tested on more people.

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