A Major Error Detected in the ÖSYM Preference Guide


Education Specialist Salim Ünsal detected a major error in the 2021 Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide published by ÖSYM recently. The error detected by the education specialist shifts the rankings of the 2-year departments up to 380 thousand people.

held on 26-27 June. Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) was filled with the university dreams of millions of students. However, the Preference Guide published by ÖSYM in the past few days may have frustrated students’ dreams of university. Because the explanations made by Education Specialist Salim Ünsal, it could be a big mistake makes you think.

Making examinations in the 2021 Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide, Ünsal said that ÖSYM has 9 thousand 964 departments for 2 years. 1,811 of them are out of order explained. Moreover, this shift covered the range of 30 thousand to 380 thousand candidates. The education specialist will confirm that if the manual is not corrected, the students will clearly remain it states. So what kind of error is there in the guide published by ÖSYM?

The scores of the 2-year sections are correct, their rankings are wrong.


According to the reviews made by Salim Ünsal 2021 Higher Education Programs and Quotas GuideThe scores are correct. However, the officials who prepared the guide have entered the ranking of 1,811 2-year episodes completely wrong. The reason for this is that applied to vocational high school graduates. your additional points not entered into the system. And this leads to a very serious difference in the rankings.


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Explaining the subject with an example, Salim Ünsal said that Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University Bandırma Vocational School Food Technology Program has 234,098 points according to YÖK Atlas and 1 million 116 thousand 739 in order However, the last student placed in this department received 233,956 points. It ranks 1 million 496 thousand 285 says. In this case, a 0.1 point difference between last year and this year 380 thousand people it makes the difference.

Here are some parts that were found to be inaccurate:


According to the examinations made by the education specialist, Oral and Dental Health, Medical Laboratory, Physiotherapy, Emergency and First Aid, Dialysis, Physiotherapy, Medical Imaging Techniques, Civil Defense and Firefighting, Child Development, Computer programmingThere are ranking and score mismatches in sections such as Disabled Care, Rehabilitation, Rail Systems and Road Technology. Moreover, this situation leading universities It also applies to.

Salim Ünsal stated that ÖSYM took action as soon as possible and made the mistake in question. fix should it states. Otherwise, it will choose 1 out of every 5 studentsmay be left open due to an error in the 2021 Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide. When we look at the social media accounts of ÖSYM, there is no news about this issue so far. no explanation given We see.

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