A Man in Austria Was Attacked by a Snake in the Toilet


A man going to the washroom in his own home in Austria was greeted unpleasantly by an intruder he never wanted to see. It turned out that the python that bit the person we are talking about in the sink belonged to the neighbor of the person who was bitten, who was also feeding other snakes.

You may not like Monday very much because it is the beginning of the week or the day when all the tempo starts again after a beautiful Sunday. Even though you can count dozens of reasons not to love this day, any Monday is the subject of our news. We are assertive that it did not go as bad as the Austrian person.

If we say that this 65-year-old Austrian person had a very bad Monday morning, we might even have pulled the situation down. According to the information, this person is very familiar with reptiles. neighbor’s albino snape type snake greeted him unpleasantly at the sink Monday morning. Here are the details:

Besides the albino python, the neighbor has 10 more snakes

Albino Snape

Let’s tell the story from the beginning. A 65-year-old man in Austria was at his home at 6 a.m. Monday morning. went to the bathroom. This man sitting on the toilet, in his genital area, a pinching pain he felt. When he looked into the bathroom later, what he saw was exactly that. It was an albino python, 1.6 meters tall.

Then when the authorities came home the python is not in the middle it was noticed. It was thought that the python, which is unknown how it got in and how it got out, may have done this through the sewer. Upon the snake’s disappearance, an expert was called and after a very grueling operation, the python was returned to its owner.


According to the information, the 24-year-old person, who is closely interested in reptiles, has a total of total, including albino python. 11 non-venomous snakes, 1 gecko exists. An investigation has been launched against the owner of the python due to possible attacks that may arise due to negligence. Although the snake was returned to him, it is thought that the authorities could change their decision at any moment.


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As for the person who got bitten, the pythons not poisonous and their prey squeezing/squeezing They are known to kill. For this reason, it is stated that this person is not life-threatening since there is no poison and he survived the situation with minor injuries. You can share your comments on the subject in the comment section.

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