A Mask That Eliminates Covid-19 Virus Is Produced


As a result of the joint efforts of some academics, science centers and companies in Portugal, it was announced that the first mask to neutralize the virus that caused Covid-19 was produced.

Of the coronavirus pandemic After it broke out, studies to prevent the spread of the virus began in all parts of the world. Although these studies generally focus on drugs and vaccines, different products are also produced. Among them are masks.

According to a new statement, engagement of textile materials used in the production of a mask that has been on sale since protective equipmentclaimed to be capable of eliminating the effects of the virus upon contact.

Mask that resets the virus


Portugal Joao Lobo Antunes Molecular Medicine InstituteHas been on sale since April, moxatech It is stated that the mask named as a result of the tests can eliminate the effect of the virus. It was stated that the feature of the masks appeared after a series of newly concluded tests.


Scientists Find Why Coronavirus Is So Dangerous

Virologist who is one of the employees of the Institute and is responsible for the coordination of his tests. Pedro Simasgave information about the work done about the mask. Simas, “” The fabric used in the mask was contacted with a solution containing a certain amount of virus and the effectiveness of the virus was analyzed at certain intervals. Even after washing the mask 50 times. SARS and Kovid19continued to neutralize. It was observed that the virus reduced its effect by 99 percent one hour after contact with the mask. ”

Results are confirmed



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The results of the researchers, before the institute in Lisbon, France Lille Located in the city Pasteur Institute It also matches the results of tests by. From those studies different tests It was made. masks H1N1It is highly effective on corona type and route viruses.

Named MO Portugal It is stated that these masks produced by the brand are sold all over the world. Also the mask to be washed over and over again although it does not lose its feature. It is very important to use a mask to protect against coronavirus danger. At this point, an effective mask that can be used again will be a great advantage.

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