A moment for art: The Pictures of the Week (KW8)


It all depends on the right perspective. The photographers of the c’t photo gallery surprise us again and again with fresh and creative ideas.

Martin Warsitzka had to travel a long way to get his motif in front of the lens in Santa Cruz, but he saw and captured the blue gondola in front of the blue sky. In contrast, Ralph Gräf planned longer for his Atomic Viewer motif. Inspired by a music video, he puts together his own Kafkaesque scene, a successful self-portrait. Another artistic motif, also a self-portrait, is provided by Andrea Künstle – abstract, with dissolving forms, a long exposure with several intermediate flashes.

But art can also be appreciated through photography. Rad.O… photographs typical walls in Lanzarote and names the picture MANRIQUE .. after the artist César Manrique, who made a significant contribution to the current appearance of the island. He worked to ensure that it was spared from mass tourism with the huge hotel complexes and that it is now a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Nature also encourages creative work: Dieter Fischer creates a colored high key from barberry branches, Martin Ruopp marvels at the beauty of tiny snowflakes and Helmut Gloor catches a dancing seagull.

You can find an overview of the photos of the week in our photo gallery:

Picture on Saturday: Gallery photographer Martin Warsitzka traveled to the USA for his color-coordinated motif. He writes: “The cable car belongs to a small amusement park in Santa Cruz right on the beach. The park was closed in January, so all attractions were open and you had time for your photo. Although the subject is right in the middle, the diagonal rope loosens my opinion after the picture. The kitschy blue of the gondola in front of the blue sky simply offered itself as a motif. I took photos with a compact camera hand-held at 260 mm (35 mm equivalent). ”
(Bild: Martin Warsitzka)

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