A Mysterious Planet Will Visit Earth

A planet in the Solar System that comes close to Earth once in a while (every 612,190 years to be precise) will pay a visit soon, and scientists will have an opportunity to examine it.

Scientists have described the past few years as ‘too big to be a comet but too small to be a planet’.2014 UN271’ He passed by following an intriguing rock called In the Solar System has been around for a long time. Soon they will be able to take a closer look at this rock.

According to the news of New Atlas 2014 UN271, in 2031 It will approach the point at which it is closest to the Earth in its orbit, and the distance will Sun with Saturn will be in between. This is how scientists discovered this mysterious rock. easier to review will enable.

A cycle from Neanderthals to the present day:

2014 UN271

When this happens, astronomers hope that the sky will be clear and cloudless, because it is just right for something like this to happen again 612,190 years We don’t think anyone can wait that long. By the way, a little info: This is the period between the emergence of Neanderthals and the present day.

a little in space vagabond This rock, which we can call it wandering around, periodically approaches and moves away from the Sun in the Solar System. even sometimes into interstellar space even going. It’s rare for an object to orbit this far and then reenter the Solar System, so the visit in the near future is something astronomers look forward to.


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Unfortunately, this visit is a space-watching hobby for people who unobservable because only scientists with professional research tools will be able to observe and study this event.