A New ‘Meme’ Cryptocurrency Named Şeyma Subaşı Released

Another example from our country has been added to crypto coins in the ‘meme coin’ class. A crypto currency named ‘Seyma Subasi’ took its place on a small cryptocurrency exchange. It is not known exactly who took the money and why.

Same cornerAnother example from Turkey has been added to the ‘s. With his personal life, especially on social media, By Şeyma Subaşı A new cryptocurrency was launched. ‘PooCoinThe coin, which can be viewed on the site ‘, is already on the rise. It is unknown who the shooter was.

After a coin and a token issued in the name of Sedat Peker, which are the most famous examples of the concept of ‘meme coin’ in our country, a crypto currency was issued under the name of another famous name. ‘SYMS‘ According to a claim made on Twitter about the money listed with the abbreviation ‘Seyma Subasi’, It was issued for the purpose of collecting aid for students..

What is the ‘meme coin’ that Seyma Subasi exemplifies?

doge coin

A name given to humorous content on the internet, ‘meme’ is a term frequently encountered by cryptocurrency investors. It cannot be said that ‘meme coins’ are very different from the ‘meme’ logic. these coins released as a jokeThey are known for the reputation of the original source of the joke.

For example, Dogecoin, which earns its investors many times over, Based on the ‘doge’ photo of the famous 9GAG deer from the 2010s removed. Of course, this does not mean that every ‘meme coin’ will explode and bring big returns to investors.

Why did Şeyma Subaşı crypto money come out?

Şeyma Subaşı crypto money


Come on: Sedat Peker’s ‘Meme’ Crypto Money Launched

The crypto money, whose short name is SYMS and issued in the name of Şeyma Subaşı, took its place on the site called ‘PooCoin’ today at noon. As for why it was removed, we should mention that ‘meme coins’ can be removed even out of boredom. But a post on Twitter says the purpose of the money is to raise funds for students. Publisher for a similar purpose recently Hazrat Yasuo It also issued its own token.

Şeyma Subaşı crypto money also has a Telegram group. In the group’s statement, Şeyma Subaşı’s famous statement “You Can’t Make Everyone Happy Because You’re Not Pizza” is located. Momentarily with 83 investors the price of money right now 0.183344 dollars. The rise continues, but be warned: A coin’s joking rise may not be permanent. So keep in mind that it’s up to you to analyze whether these types of investments can be harmful or beneficial.

Nothing in this content is investment advice.