A New Method to Produce Robots: Exploded Corn

Researchers at Cornell University have done an interesting work on low cost recyclable robot mechanics and limbs.

Do you ever wonder if the film will be a source of inspiration for the audience you are consuming and one day it will inspire robot technology? Someone probably thought about it and realized it. Producing recyclable mechanisms at low cost, one of the biggest problems of the robotics world, can be real with popcorn.

Researchers filling a robot arm with corn grains have developed actuators that can move quite impressively. (Actuator is the name given to the limbs that a robot must move.) Thanks to this new method, which is quite cheap, it has been more than a missed task other than the food role of popcorn.

Researchers who take heat-water steam to exploit corn can control the temperature of this steam and the humidity of the corn so that the robots can perform their desired movements. The corn grains, 15.7 times the size of the first one after it explodes on average, bring the mobility that scientists have ideally identified.

Steven Ceron, a member of the team, said in a statement: "We have also looked at different possibilities. An overheating mechanism may explode the robot with corn, causing the components to break down. We control the situation by directing the heat, "he said.


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The team can not guarantee that the work they are doing is actively being used by companies that produce advanced robots such as Boston Dynamics. Nevertheless, additional research to be done will probably cause the future robots to scatter corn around. If we watched such a scene in a quality science fiction movie, we probably hit the spot on the floor. We must also realize how important it is to imagine this work.


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