A New Nokia Phone Receives Bluetooth SIG Certification

Nokia has received Bluetooth SIG certification for a new smartphone. This phone is expected to replace the Nokia 2.4 announced by HMD Global in September 2020.

2021 We started to see new smart phones one after the other with the arrival of the 19th year. Intensive work continues for other models to be released during the year. HMD Global’e belong to Nokia’s also for a new model Bluetooth SIG certificate received.

Bluetooth SIG The model number of the new device that appeared on the website T99652AA1 as announced. This number Nokia 2.4model number of T99651AA1quite similar to. This makes us think we might see the successor of that phone.

Is it a successor to the Nokia 2.4?


Although it is not specified in the information that there is a connection between the two phones, this mysterious device Of 2.4 expected to replace. On the device according to the certificate Bluetooth 5.0 ve LTE link will be found.

Nokia 2.4, 6.5 inch with a drop notch screen and 1600 x 720 It was released with resolution. Inside the phone MediaTek Helio P22 While there was a processor, RAM options varied as 2 GB and 3 GB. RAM According to his preference, the storage space was 32 GB or 64 GB. This memory microSD It was also possible to increase with.


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One behind the Nokia 2.4 13 MP one of 2 MP The dual camera system was taking place. The selfie camera on the front is 5 MP had resolution. Android 10 The fingerprint reader of the device with the operating system and 4500 mAh It had a battery.

The output of the new phone may not be too far

nokia 2.4


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Nokia 2.4, Android 11 first to receive the update Nokia It was also one of the smartphones. Naturally, the new phone is expected to come out with Android 11 out of the box. In addition, it is estimated that its technical specifications will be upgraded according to its class.

So much about the phone detail Although it is not known, the certification process has started. in a few months It shows that it will be released. Let’s see if Nokia can achieve success with this device.

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