A New Smart Pet Gate Introduced


A technology company called Chamberlain has introduced a new device for meeting the needs of pets easily. This pet door, called MyQ Pet Portal, has a technology that can be controlled over the internet.

At CES 2021, not only people, but also can make our little pet friends happy a new device has been introduced. Developed by the company named Chamberlain, this device is a pet door that provides remote access support to users.

This device, which will alleviate the guilt feeling of those who confine dogs and cats to the house and go out, a mini garage door added, designed for little friends to go out and meet their needs.

Parents can control both the door and their pets at any time of the day

MyQ Pet Portal

MyQ Pet Portal This pet gate, named as called, works together with the mobile application and the homeowners can close the door as they wish after meeting their needs. At the same time, this application, which can provide live video streaming, thanks to the two-way camera and microphone, ability to control pets at any time of the day offers.


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Chamberlain Group Marketing Director Beril Altıner, Best Solution Award He made the following explanations about this device which was deemed worthy of purchase; “In the extremely challenging year 2020, many people started adopting furry friends. However, when the restrictions are lifted in 2021, the routines with our pets will start to be disrupted. MyQ Pet Portal can help reduce some stress and expenses as these routines change. The device needs your dog. At the same time, it allows you to go out safely and access your furry friend whenever you want via your smartphone. “

MyQ Pet Portal

MyQ Pet PortalOf course, it may not be very useful for apartment life. However, people who have both a large garden and a detached house can take advantage of this device to help meet the needs of their pets. The company, for this newly developed device, 3 thousand dollars determined to be.

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