A New State of Matter Discovered

Scientists from the University of Chicago announced that they have achieved a state of matter called “superionic ice” in the laboratory environment. Scientists claim that this substance may also exist in the depths of planets in our solar system.

Under normal conditions, it is seen that matter takes four different states. These solid liquid gas and plasma creates. This happens very rarely on Earth, although other states of matter seem to exist in extreme cases. That; as ice, liquid or vapor depending on the conditions. three in different structures is found. But scientists are using diamonds and X-rays to recreate conditions deep within planets. “superionic ice” got its status.

As scientists deep into superionic ice, Neptune and Uranus with extreme temperature and pressure thinks it has. Previous studies have also succeeded in obtaining this substance for a short time. However, published in the journal Nature Physics. according to a new studyScientists from the University of Chicago are trying to reliably form superionic ice and long-term managed to examine.

“Achieving superionic ice was a surprise”

superionic ice

University of Chicago researcher Vitali Prakapenka said that thanks to a few powerful tools, they were able to accurately map the properties of this superionic ice, which forms a new phase of matter. Researcher Prakapenka at the press conference, “No one thought this phase would be successful, which came as a surprise.” said.

Prakapenka and colleagues are working on an accelerator that produces X-rays at close to the speed of light at the Argonne National Laboratory. Advanced Photon Source continues with. Electrons, two diamonds to mimic intense pressure in work (hardest substance on earth) stuck in between. Then a laser beam was sent to the diamonds to heat the material, this accelerator 20 gigapaskallık It created a very strong pressure. A completely new structure with pressure reduction. “superionic ice” appeared.


A Black, Hot, Solid State of Water Discovered: Super Ionic Ice

Researcher Prakapenka “Imagine a lattice at the corners of a cube with oxygen atoms bonded together by hydrogen. When this superionic ice transforms, the lattice expands and the hydrogen atoms are allowed to move while the position of the oxygen atoms remains fixed. superionic ice, it acts like a solid oxygen lattice holding the hydrogen atoms floating in the ocean.” said. All of the chemical and physical properties of superionic ice not yet discovered Underlining Prakapenka, “This substance behaves like a fundamentally new material, but it may be different from what we thought” said.