A Parking Lot In Hong Kong Sold For 1 Million Euros

A parking lot in Hong Kong, one of the largest economies in South East Asia, was sold for exactly 1 million euros. The price per square meter of the parking lot, which has a special view, reached 80 thousand euros.

We all know that the world is becoming an increasingly ‘expensive’ place. However, living in cities where population density is abnormally high and where there is not even a single square meter of space to stand on its own is even more difficult. expensive We can say it is. a city-state Hong Kong, can be one of the best examples of this.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, a 12.5 square meter parking lot in the South East Asian country of Hong Kong 1 million euros It was sold to an unnamed buyer in return. This means that the parking lot of the buyer in question about 80 thousand euros for each square meter It means paid.

Not only parking spaces but also houses are priced astronomically in Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Harbor

most expensive parking

The parking lot in question was once ‘most expensive spot in asia‘ in Hong Kong, whose photo you have seen just above, Victoria HarborHe’s looking at Although the price paid for the parking lot in question is unimaginably high, it is stated that it is a significant amount when compared to the house prices in the region in question.

However, William Lau of Centaline Real Estate Agency said that the parking lot in question is a part of Hong Kong and the world most expensive parking lot stated that. Lau provides a safe and personal place for those who take the parking lot. Finding a parking space is more important than money. while expressing He said that the car park in question was purchased for personal use, not for investment purposes.

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