A Phone Falling in the River 8 Months Ago Found in Operation

A man in China managed to find the phone he dropped in the river 8 months ago while fishing, thanks to a fisherman 8 months later. This iPhone 7 Plus device was found surprisingly functional.

While fishing in China last September dropping your phone into the river a man passing by Of 8 months then he got back on his phone. Although the phone found by a fisherman was under water for 8 months unspoilt It was a big surprise. If the phone's brand iPhone 7 Plus seems to be.

After a period of 8 months, the man named Zhou, who completely lost his hope about the phone, received the news that a fisherman found the phone. The phone, which fell into the river while fishing with a canoe, caught the eye of a Chinese fisherman after the river waters were drawn. The fisherman sent a great example of behavior to the real owner by cargo.

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Explaining the subject to Pear Video, Zhou was in Guizhou Province in southwestern China in September. Wu RiverSaid that he was fishing with his friend in canoe. The man who said that he did not notice that the phone fell until he came to the shore, the river is very muddy He decided to leave because he thought he was there and would never find it.

The fisherman who found the phone under the river, whose water was taken 8 months after this incident, business card has managed to find thanks.

The phone continues to work

Very surprised after receiving the phone Zhousaid his device is still running smoothly. The young man who managed to reach the photos he took while on the river, smoothly He said he was working somehow.

In the iPhone 7 family, which is resistant to water and dust after the headphone jack is removed IP67 certification There were. Of course, these kinds of certificates can usually be ineffective in cases of 1 meter depth and water contact above 1 hour. Apple's device managed to stand undisturbed for months by turning all statistics upside down.

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