A Plane Stuck on a Bridge Goes Viral on Social Media


A giant passenger plane in India is stuck under a bridge on the highway. The event, which led to the formation of vehicle queues for kilometers, also went viral on social media. So how did a giant passenger plane get stuck on a bridge on a highway?

One of the strangest events of recent years has taken place in India. Air India A giant passenger plane belonging to its fleet is under a bridge on the Delhi-Gurugram Highway. got stuck. The event, which caused the queue for kilometers on the highway, also appeared on social media. viral has become. So how did this interesting event happen? How did a huge passenger plane get stuck on a bridge on the highway?

At first glance, you might think that the plane had to make an emergency landing. But no. This plane had not landed on the highway due to a malfunction. actually in There were no passengers or crew.. The plane was scrapped a while ago, and it was intended to be moved to another place by road. Failure of the logistics company to account or accounts incorrect This led to this strange event.

This is how the passenger plane stuck on the highway was viewed

Airplane stuck on bridge

Sent to the region after the incident search and rescue teamsi worked feverishly to free the plane from its jamming. After hours of work, life returned to normal with the rescue of the plane. If no one was harmed at the time of the incident it was gratifying.


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India has hosted a similar event before. in 2019 A passenger plane was stuck on a bridge in West Bengal while being transported. The incident, which happened for the second time in a few years, was a sign of the Indian authorities from the past. they didn’t learn it reveals…

Here are those moments when the plane got stuck on the bridge

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